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    Dear Tumblr,

    You were the only decent social app to post WHATEVER we wanted to. We were free to be ourselves in the trustest and realest way possible. We could post anything we wanted. We were completely free. Either to post porn, to post quotes, to post a photo of an ass or of simple masturbation, anything we felt like posting. And now you’ve cut our wings. People like me that have more than 28k followers, what are we even supposed to do now with our accounts? Are we supposed to turn them into a family/friendly account? To post love quotes or whatever bullshit you want us to post? We can’t! The 28k+ that have followed me, followed me because of my previous content! They choose to follow me to see raw and love in its purest in the bed. They choose to follow me because of what you allowed me to be in first place. Why the change all of a sudden? Why destroy everything we’ve been building up since we started. I’ve been here with this account for more than 4 years! What am I supposed to do with it now? I am fucking lost. Tumblr, why would you do that? Do you know what it is to come so high and all of a sudden you just see everything you worked hard for, fall down right in front of your eyes. Your new policy no longer allows us to be ourselves. So now that this part of the Tumblr community will be all leaving you will see that blocking porn was by far your worst mistake.

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