Go Away

When you lose someone it stays with you reminding you how easy it is to get hurt

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    “Sitting down with the universe I beg for change I cry for a taste of happiness And to be free of this heartache So she stripped me bare Took everything I knew Turned my world upside down So I sat with her again and asked why she insisted on putting me through more pain and she said, young girl You cannot change in the same environment You cannot heal surrounded by what broke you You cannot grow in the same rotten soil Take a second to look at what I’ve done For I am giving you everything you have begged for I’ve heard your 2am cries, I’ve heard your desperate please And I am on your side”

    — Conversations with the universe (ms, 2019)


    a gentle reminder that you did well this year. you met new people, learned new things and felt new feelings. you did so many things that made you scared. you picked yourself up off the floor after feeling completely defeated or heartbroken. there were some really tough nights but you survived them all. you made people happy just by existing. you accepted many goodbyes but the serendipitous meetings made up for them. it was your own hard work that paid off but you always downplay it or compare yourself to others. that’s not fair on yourself. you’ve come so far from the first day of this year. you have more wisdom and strength now. yes, other people seem more “successful” but does that even matter? please don’t think so lowly of yourself to only think about your failures. 2018 was your year of growth. I hope you take a moment to be kind to yourself, and believe that 2019 will be even better.