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    @ everyone with shitty dads… greg universe is your dad now and he loves you. greg universe thinks you are cool. he accepts your gender and sexuality and writes your new pronouns on his palm so he never forgets. when you tell him all about your favorite band he actually listens to you and wants to go to concerts with you. he even tries to play shitty covers on his guitar. he loves your favorite tv show and likes all your favorite characters and on season premieres or finales he buys candy and chips and you both sit in the back of his van and watch it together. he loves you. you have the best dad in the whole galaxy.


    Random art advice;

    • draw what makes you happy
    • work with your anxiety not against it
    • if working in a sketchbook makes you anxious, draw on printer paper or index cards
    • that way if that shit starts pissing you off you can literally toss it across the room
    • if one medium is giving you trouble try another
    • take a break from digital to work traditionally or vice versa 
    • draw from reference
    • trace over reference with the intention of internalizing shapes 
    • take what you love about other’s work and incorporate it into your own
    • if you need to work but are having trouble focusing, set a repeating timer
    • dick around for ten minutes and then work for ten minutes
    • if the timer goes off and you still feel like working, keep working
    • be kind to yourself
    • draw when you can as much as you can
    • do NOT beat yourself up for not being able to work
    • working in pen or marker can help you overcome fear of permanent mistakes
    • it can also help you work quicker and looser
    • do your undersketch in blue pen/marker and go over it in black
    • make corrections with whiteout or white gel pen
    • when you want to draw but don’t know what to work on, start by drawing circles or other shapes
    • fill a page with nonsense doodles
    • warm up your wrists
    • do the bean exercise
    • just fill a page with beans
    • draw what makes you happy