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    i was on the train and 3 drunk girls saw me and said i had nice brown eyes so they sang “brown eyed girl” to me

    I threw up at a frat party and I was crying in the bathroom and a drunk girl went upstairs to get me a shirt and came back with a sweater and a kitten.

    At the last party I went to three drunk girls fishtail braided my hair by committee

    a drunk girl drew an eye on the back of my hand and then patted it with satisfaction and  whispered “count olaf”

    once at a barbecue a drunk girl gave the surgical scar on my shoulder a butterfly kiss and said “you’re cured”

    A drunk girl at a bar I was at became worried that I wasn’t getting enough nutrition and proceeded to hold peanuts to my lips and just keep saying “peanut peanut” until I would eat it. And after I allowed her to feed me a peanut she pet my hair and said “Thank you”.

    Drunk girls, saving your life one wtf at a time.

    Girls are a fucking gift don’t let anyone tell you otherwise