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    Imagine the most incredible version of yourself. Close your eyes and picture her. What does she look like? Smell like? How does she laugh? What’s her energy like? What type of house does she live in? How does she feel everyday? How does she react when shit doesn’t go right? Now you’ve got the vision. Keep reminding yourself of it each day by closing your eyes, and connecting with this vision. Write it down. Because what you’ll start to see is that you will start to become the most incredible version of yourself that you imagined.

    <>Feel-good phrases to say to yourself

    1. “I am so much more than my mind allows me to believe.”

    2. “I am interconnected with the rest of the world, so the world benefits from my existance.”

    3. “I have so much to give and I am grateful that I get to pour out these gifts.”

    4. “I am ok with keep certain energies and gifts to myself.”

    <>dr. mariel buqu


    you seem like the best person to ask because you’re such a sensual person- i just moved in to my apartment , how do i make it more enthralling, like courtesans who had parlour room to entertain and delight guests, really invoking all the senses for pleasure

    Pay attention to EVERYTHING, all the textures and materials. You’ll want to stick with high quality woods, marbles, fabrics, and metals. Match them all per room if you can.

    Kitchen: plateware, glassware (need tons of decanters and wine glasses), trays, fruits, teas, liquors, ice cream maker, blender, utensils, fun ice trays (if your fridge doesn’t have an automatic ice dispenser), comfortable but stunning rugs, cocktail mixer. Focus should be straight lines here—find the curves in interesting plateware and glassware.

    Living room: card games, checkers or chess, coasters, plants, chaises and daybeds, instruments, books, art pieces, record player/gramophone, large area rug, aquarium, lamps, planetarium lights, ashtray (if you smoke), candles of all shapes and sizes, ambiance lighting, bar cart, dramatic curtains, throw pillows and blankets (fur, leather, or velvet). Keep the lines in this room curved.

    Bedroom: decanter with two glasses filled with water (to drink at night), ambiance lighting, dramatic curtains, art pieces, couch or chaise if big enough, bar cart (for weed as well if you smoke), quality sheets, unique comforter, wonderful backboard, beauty area with its own seating, plants, large area rug, speaker or record player, trays and open shelving for little decorations, water feature. Play with furs, leathers, silks, and velvets. Lines in this room should definitely be a mixture between straight and curved.

    Bathroom: bath trays, ambiance lighting, eucalyptus around the showerhead, filter on the showerhead with essential oil scents, skincare fridge, artwork, unique shower curtain, high quality towels, matching containers for all of the beauty items on top of the counter, bidet, cinnamon spray, bath salts & teas, collection of body oils, cloth headwraps. Keep the lines in here both curved and straight.

    I can’t emphasise this lesson enough.

    The ONLY way to truly grow, flourish and get what you want is to do the OPPOSITE of what your comfort zone tells you to do.

    Everything you dream of in life? The incredible potential within you that is ready to be fulfilled? That’s all waiting for you on the other side of your comfort zone. When you’re faced with a decision that needs to be made, doing the scary thing will be what gives you the opportunities you need and desire; as well as turbocharging your inner evolution into someone stronger, self-respecting, smarter, savvier, happier and more confident. 

    “The trick is (it is not a trick, but a skill) the skill is, to have desires that you do not trample with doubt. When you believe you can accomplish your desire you feel wonderful. But a desire that you doubt does not feel good. And then, you sometimes say, “Well, I will just release my desire.” But you cannot, because once life has caused you to identify a desire, momentum happens. And then, the path of least resistance is to line up with the desire.”

    — Abraham