How to Tell if a Girl is Submissive.


    I’ve gotten quite a few inbox questions/messages about how to tell if a girl is submissive. I haven’t been sure how to reply, because I’m certainly no authority on the matter, and I didn’t want to stereotype or generalize. But I’m going to try my very best to answer the question. Please remember that I can only write based on my own experiences and conversations.

    1. She likes it when you’re a gentleman. Things like opening the door, driving her home, pulling out her chair, and paying for dates. Most submissive girls will take notice and enjoy it, instead of being offended.

    2. She can be stubborn and fiesty. It’s true, and it’s something I see a lot talking with other submissive gals. The difference here with a submissive girl is that she will enjoy it when you “push back” and establish your dominance in response. See below.

    3. She tests you often (to make sure you’re in control). I know this may seem counter-intuitive, but oftentimes subs will “test” their doms/potential doms to make sure they are really in control. We want to feel boundaries, and we want you to put your foot down. I did this with my husband even when we first started dating, just to see how much I could get away with. Make it clear to her that you won’t accept bad or disrespectful behavior, and see how she responds.

    4. She likes when you lead. A submissive girl will be happy to let you sit in the driver’s seat and take the reigns in the relationship, whereas a non-submissive woman would begin to feel uncomfortable.

    5. She wants you to make decisions. Even small things like picking where you will eat or what you will do on a date.

    6. She enjoys traditional gender roles. The kind of girl who wouldn’t be insulted if you asked her to cook you a nice dinner for date-night.

    7. She’s a good listener. Oftentimes submissive women enjoy listening more than talking. We genuinely want to hear what you have to say, and appreciate it when you open up to us.

    8. She is eager to please you. Pay attention. If you compliment a particular dress, hairstyle, or perfume, watch to see if she begins wearing it more often. A dominant woman would be more likely to simply appreciate the compliment, but wouldn’t change her behavior as a result.

    9. She reacts well to your dominance. The only way to REALLY know if a girl is submissive is for you to take the lead and just be your natural, dominant self. Sometimes submissive women don’t show their true nature until they’re around a genuinely dominant man. Projecting this type of personality will not only repel dominant women, but will help to attract the submissive girl you’re looking for.


    Spot on.


    8 rules of thumb for writers

    The Adverb Rule: Only use an adverb if it changes the meaning of the verb. ie. “He whispers quietly” vs “He whispers sadly”.

    The ‘Said’ Rule: Similar to the adverb rule– only use a different dialogue tag when it changes the meaning of the dialogue. The most common exception would be ‘asked’.

    The Dialogue Tag Rule: Only tag dialogue when absolutely necessary. My suggestion for this is to write the first draft with minimal tags then, while editing, add tags in where there may be confusion.

    The Kiss Rule: When writing romance, if your characters need to kiss (or show any other physical affection) for readers to know they’re in love, they don’t have good chemistry.

    The Infamous ‘Show Don’t Tell Rule: Not only is it fairly self-explanatory, but you’ve probably heard it a million and one times. Basically: if you can show it, do. ie. “she thought the man was annoying” vs. “she rolls her eyes when the man begins to speak”.

    The Exceptions to the ‘Show Don’t Tell Rule: My personal rule for this is show stuff that’s relevant to the story but tell stuff that’s going on in the background. “She rolls her eyes when the man begins to speak” is a good place to show, but you should opt for, “she thought the curtains were ugly” when simply describing scenery.

    The Really/Very/Etc. Rule: In exposition, don’t overuse ‘filler words’ like ‘really’ or ‘very’. Of course there are some exceptions, but just like other adverbs, only use them for a reason.

    The Change Rule: Just like you wouldn’t end a novel if no change took place, don’t end a chapter unless there is a clear, apparent change from the beginning of the chapter. If a scene doesn’t have a change, recognize that it might just be a filler and consider deleting it, if not heavily revising.

    Obviously no rules should be followed all of the time, but these are some good habits to get into while writing. Best of luck!


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    Juneteenth by Dustin Watson

    In 2021, Juneteenth became a federal holiday of America celebrating end of slavery.

    history: At the close of the Civil War, Gen. Gordon Granger delivers General Order No. 3 in Galveston, Texas, announcing the end of slavery in that state on June 19, 1865 — a day celebrated by people of African descent in the Americas & elsewhere as “Juneteenth."— library of congress

    The photo of the escaped slave “Whipped Peter” inspired Dustin Watson's work above. ※ "Whipped Peter" was an enslaved African American who escaped from a Louisiana plantation in 1863, gaining freedom when he reached the Union camp near Baton Rouge. He joined the United States Colored Troops soon after their founding, and served as a soldier in the war.[wiki]