Seventeen as pillows

S.Coups: the one shaped like a man's upper body for women's comfort

Jeonghan: the really furry one where you constantly get hair in your mouth

Joshua: has a voice box inside that your friend hid and every time you lay down its like "wHATSUP"

Jun: the hello kitty one with drool stains all over it that you hide when friends come over

Hoshi: tacky patterns but appreciated for the unique personality

Wonwoo: square and completely black

Woozi: one that plays soft music but actually has knives inside

DK: fluffy fluffy fLUfFy

Mingyu: dog shaped bc he's an actual puppy

The8: cuddly and soft and getting out of bed is always hard

Seungkwan: for some reason there's an alarm clock in the middle of it wAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAWAKE UP

Vernon: the one with the pillowcase that holds all your drug money

Dino: probably a pillow pet