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    I always have such need to merely talk to you. Even when I have nothing to talk about – with you I just seem to go right ahead and sort of invent it. I invent it for you. Because I never seem to run out of tenderness for you and because I need to feel you near. Excuse the bad writing and excuse the emotional overflow. What I mean to say, perhaps, is that, in a way, I am never empty of you; not for a moment, an instant, a single second.

    Virginia Woolf, from aletter to Vita Sackville-West (via swingmeyourbones)

    Cada cual tiene su tragedia privada. La lleva ya en la sangre: infortunio, hastío, aflicción, suicidio. La atmósfera está saturada de desastre, frustración, futilidad. Rascarse y rascarse… hasta que no quede piel. No obstante, el efecto que me produce es estimulante. En lugar de desanimarme, o deprimirme, disfruto. Pido a gritos cada vez más desastres, calamidades mayores, fracasos más rotundos. Quiero que el mundo entero se descentre, que todo el mundo se rasque hasta morir.

    Trópico de Cáncer, Henry Miller (via punkittie)

    I have named you queen. There are taller than you, taller. There are purer than you, purer. There are lovelier than you, lovelier. But you are the queen. When you go through the streets No one recognizes you. No one sees your crystal crown, no one looks At the carpet of red gold That you tread as you pass, The nonexistent carpet. And when you appear All the rivers sound In my body, bells Shake the sky, And a hymn fills the world. Only you and I, Only you and I, my love, Listen to it.

    Pablo Neruda, Love Poems (via feellng)