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Hello, I'm Megs, My pronouns are She/Her. !! If nsfw please don't interact !! This is a Thomas and Friends Blog. Taking an art hiatus, I don't know when or if I will post my art on here again.

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2022-05-19 02:26:15

    *vine boom*

    i have been alerted by @tttemeetsthestarskys (who also provided the screenshot) that someone has stolen my art, but not just My art.

    not poggers. 

    I’ve also been told they’ve stolen from other people (including @asktrio516, @askthefamous8 and @lulubase)

    The thief’s name is [pinktigerfff] and please report them or message them to take down the stolen art.


    I have just been informed that the person stealing the art (pinktigerfff) is a kid.

    (screenshots also provided by tttemeetsthestarskys)


    felt necessary to add too


    Hello! I'm a new follower here (and I really love your art!) , may I ask what are your designs for the narrow gauge engines?

    1) Thank you very much very for the words. 😭😭❤️❤️ And welcome to the blog of weird and dumb headcanons, hope you enjoy your stay. :)

    2) I am sorry they took so long. School got me worked up and honestly motivation has been dry in the well for me, and there's no full bodies sadly. But I hope you enjoy them nonetheless. :)

    I present them. 🤲🤲

    Duncan is a pain in the ass and I apologize if he looks off. He's still a wip for me.


    What do you think of the new wooden railway line that was just released? Brand new designs and everything.

    I think they're pretty neato, especially Henry. ^w^

    (I also really love the Rosie)

  • I like that the expressions are so varied and cute! I don’t like that they’re printed tho, and some characters bother me (Henry’s worried face reminds me too much of CGI!Henry my detested, I’m not keen on Rosie’s saturated pink blush although it looks better irl)…
  • The new added levels of detail on most of the engine’s sides really blew me away, esp coming from someone who grew up w/TWR being minimal and all!
  • I don’t like Emily’s blocky/flat shape lmao
  • To me, they’re okay. I have similar points on a previous ask, & I can rate all of these roughly around the same number (7,5/10 some things I’m not too pleased with, but they’re admittedly solid for wood merch).


    Am I the only one who’s in the Ttte fandom now?


    Nah, I’m still here. Even though I’m interested in Sonic, I’m not leaving the ttte fandom anytime soon


    Always been here,


    Am still here don’t forget me!!


    I'm still here too!


    I’m still here and always will be!


    I'm here still! Even though I don't post my art anymore dhdhdhdh


    Henry, death of a computer

    This is honestly by far my favorite one I've done, reminds me of when he got covered in glow in the dark paint! I wasn't sure on the bright colors but this has been my best so far!!