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    Mobs of angry white people, protesting for their right to [checks notes] get a haircut—in the middle of a pandemic—yelled at cops, shoved them, threw things at them, and were nowhere near being respectful or peaceful, but for some reason, police officers didn’t mace them, didn’t shoot rubber bullets at them, didn’t tear gas them, and didn’t kneel on their necks and choke them to death. Qwhite interesting how differently white people are treated even when they disrespect the police and even when they riot over things like [checks notes again] their sports team losing or hell, even winning a game.



    i know there’s a lot going on but ICE are now one step closer to literally creating gas chambers. they are spraying a chemical called HDQ neutral roughly 100 times a day, every 15 minutes at the adelanto detention center (one of the biggest in the country). people are getting rashes, headaches, their insides are bleeding, etc. the guards are wearing gloves and masks but the detainees have NOTHING.

    and here’s a quick reminder - america inspired the nazis to create gas chambers when they gassed latino people during the 1917 bath riots. 

    here’s a petition to sign. it’s close to it’s goal. if there’s anything else we can do to help i’ll update this post.


    I don’t have the words to properly explain how horrifying this is. In April, the advocacy group Freedom For Immigrants published a report about unsanitary conditions at the detention center, where the immigrants were made to clean the facilities with only water, or shampoo. According to their report, there were sick detainees there - possibly with COVID-19, but it’s unclear since they weren’t being tested - and the conditions could easily lead to a situation in which the virus exploded among those there.

    The guards are spraying this disinfectant in retaliation for the report. To be clear - HDQ is an industrial-strength disinfectant, which according to the manufacturer is “harmful if inhaled” and “causes severe skin burns and serious eye damage.” The guards are spraying it on everything every 15-30 minutes, according to sources, and immigrants in the center have already experienced severe symptoms including blisters, rashes, bleeding, fainting, breathing difficulties, headaches, stomach pain, and nausea.

    And let’s be real - ICE doesn’t give a shit, either about protecting these people or about preventing a COVID outbreak. ICE, according to their own reports, currently has 25,911 people in custody, of which only 2,670 have been tested. 1,392 of those were positive. In simple terms - less than 10% of detainees have been tested. Of those, more than half are positive. We cannot estimate how many sick people ICE is currently holding, or how many more will get sick without any kind of prevention or care.

    ICE is killing people through neglect, and when they dared complain - they started gassing them.

    Unfortunately, with Trump in the white house, petitions aren’t doing much. What we can do, however, is donate to the advocacy group that is bringing these things to light, allowing them to continue their work and hopefully free more immigrants. Their donation page is here. Please spread this.