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    greengreengreen — chase atlantic

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    just finished lawless lawyer and abt to start it’s okay to not be okay

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    as in manga? im keeping up with bllk + gonna start jjk — nothing as in actual books for now tho

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    subway surfers !!!

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    thanks for the tag !!

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    -> 'nymphology' by melanie martinez

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    -> supposed to be watching 'made in abyss' but that's being put on hold :(

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    -> keeper of the lost cities!! i love it, just recently bought the entire set and im waiting for it to get here

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    -> it's kinda spread out rn but its between honkai star rail and limbus company :]

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    this is just me showing my appreciation to writers! all writers are @ and i will talk about some of my favorite pieces from them! do not that some of the people i mention here are people whom are not moots with me, but i’d still like to @ them any way!

    also there is no order that these people are listed in, it’s all completely random!


    @oepionie is like a five star chef whenever they write. cause no matter the genre and no matter the character pionie just makes all of her writing SO GOOD!??!?!?! i swear it’s like a drug (pionie what are you putting in it?) one of my faves from her is the bat-dad lilia series THAT I ADORE WITH ALL MY HEART <33333333 i am dead serious when i saw my mood gets 1000000000% better whenever you post even if it isn’t writing because all in all you are just an amazing person 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼

    @hisui-dreamer marry me 👰🏻‍♀️. probably one of the nicest people i’ve EVER met, she’s such a sweetheart and i love her sm 💍 i always gets whiplash whenever i see your masterlist to find just how much you’ve written cause it’s so crazy that you can write so much!!! my absolute favorite writing of yours was difficult to choose by i looked back at your masterlist and i think the first ever fic i read from you is my ALL time favorite which is ‘eyes on the sun’ with malleus. i always get butterflies in my stomach and kick my feet in the air like a schoolgirl whenever i read it because you just write malleus SO WELL i literally binged most of your pieces for him!

    @hheun SOMEONE WHO HAS A GOD HAND 🤚🏼 even when writing snippets it always comes out DELICIOUS and then you say sorry for it not being good and for it not being actual writing just short thoughts— I SWEAR YOU MAKE ME POP A BLOOD VESSEL WHENEVER YOU SAY THAT LIKE YOUR WRITING MAKES ME SWALLOW MY FIST 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 all of your short snippets are my favorites because THE SMALLER THOUGHTS HIT HARDER???????? anyways millie is super duper nice and funny like if you want to see someone drool over variations of one character millie’s blog is the place to go (also lilia’s #1 simp, no debate they’ve claimed the trophy 🏆

    @spadecentral ANOTHER PERSON WHO WRITES A LOT HOW DO YOU DO IT??? eli would be my right hand if I don’t have one already 🤭(does that make sense?) ELI IS OUT OF THIS WORLD you write birthday fics for each of your moots? i’d DIE for them it’s not even funny anymore. the series you have ‘new phone, whose this?’ makes me wanna break my phone and get a new one just to live this series in real life (im crazy i know) ANYWAYS it’s never a boring day whenever i read your fics, ESPECIALLY YOUR GENSHIN ONES, because they always bring a smile on my face 😊

    @alexisomnias is the officiant at my wedding with idia there is no if ands or buts about it. ALSO I HATE YOU/j THAT HEADCANNON POST YOU MADE WITH YOUR LAST MESSAGE TO THE DORM LEADERS HIT TOO HARD FOR COMFORT I SWEAR TO YOU I WAS BAWLING MY EYES OUT HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME???? all jokes aside all of alexis’ themes hit hard and they always slay. if the golden buzzer in America’s got talent was a person it’s alexis. (i ship kavexis, YOU SHOULD TOO)

    @merotwst because of you whenever i see jamil, solomon, or baji i always think of you <3 honestly you are one of the many writers i love that if you were to get hate i would transform into an alpha to protect you 🐺🐺🐺🐺 I LOVE YOU SM AND I HOPE IT SHOWS!!!! i cant pick my favorite writing of yours, as much as I want to I can’t ITS ALL AMAZING HOW COULD I POSSIBLY CHOOSE ONE????? anyways ellie is my pretty little unicorn 🦄 and I’d do anything for her 💁🏻‍♀️


    @fukashiin look at their blog. trust me you’ll be captivated. WINOU IS NOW DELCARED A WITCH BECAUSE SHE HAD CAST A SPELL ON ALL OF TUMBLR 🧙‍♀️everyone grab your pitchforks and use it to eat up their writing. WHEN I TELL YOU, THEY HAVE THE CUTEST IDEAS THEY DO im always hugging a pillow, twirling my hair, and giggling to myself when ever I’m reading something of theirs, 💅🏻 it’s not wrong to say they slay all the time cause they do. (come back you dropped this 👑)

    @kalims i want to eat your writing so bad i’ve died of starvation 20 times each passing week. whenever you post im always grabbing a knife and a fork so I can eat the SHIT OUT OF IT 🍔🍜🥘🍡🍱🥧🍲🍞🌽🥬🥔 also when you write Headcannons it’s funny cause of how you describe each character like *chefs kiss as he rubs his mustache between his fingers* also reading your fics gives me THE POWER and motivation to write ✍️

    @yuyumaru if anyone were to cuss juelle out i would gladly drop a grenade in the room. JUELLE IS LIKE A RARE FLOWER 🌺 THAT EVERYONE WANTS TO DIG UP BUT I WONT LET THEM. not only do they exceed at writing twst BUT BLUE LOCK TOO!!!!! i swear no one writes itoshi rin like they do. JUELLE IS ANOTHER PERSON WHO NEVER MISSES WITH THEIR THEMES LIKE WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK please your honor let me hug them already 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼




    500-600 words — $5

    600-1.5k words — $8

    1.5-2k words — $12

    —> Sample Fics ; [ Fluffy ] [ Sad/Angst ] [ Suggestive ] > TIME TAKEN TO FINISH — 4 -10 DAYS

    Scenarios (5 Characters Maximum / 500 words per character)— $13

    Book/Short Story (8 -10k words) — $35

    —> Sample Fics ; [SCENARIO] [STORY-ALICE AU] [PIRATE AU]
    H — 1-3 WEEKS

    FANDOMS — SpyXFamily, Obey Me!, My Hero Academia, Twisted Wonderland, Genshin Impact, Naruto, RedactedVerse, DC, Touchstarved The Game Etc.

    > OKOK — Yandere/SAGAU, Self/OC inserts, Poly/Love Triangles, Ships, Suggestive Content, AUs

    —> NONO — Direct NSFW, Anything that falls under Dead Dove Do Not Eat, Romantic scenarios with children


    | OC Inserts = $2

    —> I will write reader insert fics as nameless/given a nickname (Eg. Rose(Riddle), Prefect, Etc.) unless specified otherwise!

    Commissions will be done on my Ko-fi. Feel free to DM me for questions or reach out through my email address at


    SLOTS: 0/5 <3

    rin itoshi x fem!reader fluff

    cws: crying, projects, 'princess' used for reader

    you have multiple group project due very soon and your group members arent cooperating, luckily your boyfriend is here to help you out

    you were sitting at your desk, crying. just crying . why were you crying? well, you have 4 group projects due tomorrow and you didnt even know one of them existed until just now so you basically had nothing. and it was already 10:19pm.

    >sorry, but i won't be able to send my part tn. can someone else do it?


    reading the message your group member sent, you turned off your phone and sighed in frustration, running your hands through your hair, pulling at it and shut your eyes.

    "you okay? what's wrong love?" your boyfriend said as he walked through the door into your bedroom, walking up behind you to move your hands away from your hair and press a soft kiss to your forehead.

    "I'm frustrated, rin. i have 4 group projects due tomorrow, and none of them are done. and none of my group members are communicating or cooperating with me either. I don't think I'm gonna get this done. I just wanna relax but I cant" you say as you start to choke up and more started tears pricking at your eyes. these projects were really getting to you. "I think you should just take a break doll, you can't do this all by yourself. can't you tell your professors?" rin said, turning your chair to face him fully. "that's the thing, I can't! they'll say that it's my fault because we waited till the last minute, and that they can't do anything now, and-" you were rambling as you choked up again, tears streaming down your cheeks. "breathe, baby. just try to breathe, calm down I'm right here" rin said, slowly embracing you where you still sat in your chair, letting you cry into his shirt, staining it with your tears. after a while, your tight hold on rin seemed to have loosened a bit as your breathing evened out and your crying dissolved into soft sniffles. "you okay?" he said, slightly pulling away to get a look at your face. "I'm okay" you said, looking up at him with slightly red eyes and wet eyelashes. "alright, I know this is stressful but we can figure it out, I promise. is the rest of the group cooperating with you?" he asked. "some of them..." he hummed hearing what you said "alright, we can go from there."

    after about 2 hours, you and rin got most of it sorted out together. you felt guilty keeping him awake but he had a day off so he would be sleeping in tomorrow anyways. rin leaned back, stretching his back in his chair next to you "that's all, right?" he yawned. "yeah, thank you for helping me, i love you" you said, leaning over to kiss him. when you pulled away, he got up from his chair "i'm gonna go use the bathroom, go wait in the bed for me yeah?" he said, looking back at you while walking to the bathroom attached to your bedroom. you nodded yes and he went in. you shut the laptop off and went to your side of the bed, getting comfy under the covers waiting for your boyfriend while you checked your messages. you heard the toilet flush then the tap turn on, then off. the lights to the bathroom turned off and rin walked over to the bed, then you felt him joining you on the bed. he looped his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him. you rested your head on his chest and his hand remained on your waist. you turned your phone off and put it on the nightstand, putting your hand up his shirt, ready to finally go to sleep with your lover. "goodnight, princess" he said, pressing a short kiss into your hair then running his free hand through it. "goodnight, i love you"

    he didnt say it back but instesd chose to squeeze your waist slightly. even though he didnt say it back, you knew he loved you too.

    im gonna kms im still procrastinating on posting this HELP ME this is my first time ever writig skth and posting it pls do not bully me im begging😉😉

    also pls dont plagiarize me I'll bite u and I'll cry if u got an idea for writing ur own shit from this atleast credit me🙏🙏

    @venusbby U SAID TO TAG U WHEN I POSTED IT I'm crying


    . . . blue lock. when they’re smitten, they’re smitten like there’s no tomorrow.

  • starring. isagi yoichi, bachira meguru, nagi seishiro, mikage reo, itoshi rin
  • YOICHI is definitely smitten when he’s at your beck and call. he could be going on with his usual day, revising yesterday’s notes during his free period, when his phone’s notification goes off. a text from you. yoichi would be seen sprinting from his building to the farthest one in campus just to deliver his notes for a subject you needed. “did–... did you run, yoichi?” you’d ask him, and he’d be out of breath as he replies, “no, no. just did some light jogging. it’s good for training stamina.” . . . “i–? ok? thank you, though. i really needed these.” you say. “no problem,” he tells you, and his mouth just doesn’t have a brake when his adrenaline is coursing through him. “i mean, you could ask me to write your thesis, and i’ll do it for you within a week.” . . . “is that so?” . . . yoichi wasn’t able to face you directly for a few days.

    MEGURU’s smile never leaves his lips whenever he talks to you. he’s much more enthusiastic with what he says or does, wanting to impress you here and there. his charms and natural cheerful attitude are already wonderful, but when he’s with you? oh, boy. his smile could almost reach the milky way. whenever he’s not around you, he somehow always relates a certain subject to you. “oh, y/n really likes this brand of—” or “i know they would like this very much, so i’ll get it.” something along those lines. his friends are closely holding onto their wits, as meguru would talk to them about you for the thirteenth time that night. they think you’re great for him though; it’s just that meguru’s painfully too obvious that he’s smitten for you, but the latter couldn’t bring himself to confess... just yet.

    SEISHIRO wouldn’t admit it, but he was very much smitten with you. as much as he isn’t motivated by the things he has to do, when it comes to you, he’ll unknowingly put in the effort. so when you two walk home together and you comment that it might rain from the dim skies, he already has an umbrella over you two. don’t comment about that, though. he’ll just shrug or maybe even deny that he’s smitten, or will actually do everything you tell him to. “ah, my shoulders hurt.” you murmur, slinging your bag from shoulder to shoulder, the weight was just too much for you. seishiro sighs, taking your bag and slinging it over his shoulder with a disapproving shake of his head. “such a pain,” he huffs, and it’s directed toward the heavy weight of your bag, he knows you know this. what were you even storing in there? literal rocks? “sei, you didn’t have to. you can give me back my bag.” . . . “no.” he says, shaking his head. he did eventually give you back your bag, just as you two reached your house.

    REO has cartoonish hearts dancing around him when he’s walking with you to the train station. he listens attentively to what you say and carries out the conversation with ease, sighing—and it’s a soft, contented sigh, accompanying the lovestruck look he has in his eyes. when you tell him you want to grab a drink before the two of you go on the train, you best believe that he remembers all of your preferences for your drink. he knows, he listens, and he observes carefully. it’s the way you’re actually impressed with him that makes his heart flutter and reo feels like he’s accomplished everything life has to offer. “how’d you remember my order?” you ask with an amused chuckle. “oh, well, it’s the same thing you always get, no? i’d have it memorized down to a t,” he shrugs. partial lies. he once overheard from his friend, who was also your frien, that you liked this drink specifically, so he ought to find out more about it from said friend. “nuh-uh, don’t. you’re not going to pay for our drinks, i’ll be paying.” though reo loves to pay for things you two bought, he’d let you at times, especially when you were insistent at that time. he doesn’t mind letting you pay, but he really just wants to spoil you in his own way.

    RIN swore he wasn’t smitten, but this man is so smitten that he doesn’t even look in other people’s directions, even though you two weren’t dating yet. his classmates could be teasing him with the most popular student in his batch, and all he’d say is “i’m not interested.” this would then lead to his classmates sharing curious whispers, and then they’d lightheartedly tease him, all for the light fun of it. “ah, right. he only has eyes for y/n.” they would awe, continuing. “itoshi’s too loyal to his crush; he can never look at someone who isn’t y/n in that light.” as much as rin would deny this, it was the truth. at every school event—even on a regular school day—his eyes would always be wandering in the crowd in search of you, one of his motivations in life. his happy crush. he remains unbothered on the surface, though internally rin just wanted his classmates to shut the fuck up because you were approaching from the halls! hello? but his sour mood soon fades like a bubble when you wave in his direction, and he feels his heart doing cartwheels and backflips. yeah, rin is too far gone.

    10:06 am ft. rin itoshi

    synopsis: itoshi rin isn’t a very likable person in general. he’s rude and doesn’t have any respect for anyone, well other than you. quite literally attached to the hip, you were the only one that rin actually ‘tolerates’. everyone still wonders why you even put up with him, but dear, if they actually cared enough to look past his icy exterior maybe then they’d be rewarded with the soft and clingy rin you knew.

    “rin!” you shouted, hands frankly waving from the stands as the tall boy jogged towards you. leaning over the railing, hands neatly folded in front of you as you grinned at your sweaty friend who only raised a brow at you. “do you wanna go to the arcade later after practice?”

    from the corner of your vision, you could see his teammates speak in hushed tones. you couldn’t help the amused chuckle in your throat as you patiently waited for rin to answer your invitation.

    “why not?” you grinned, “we’ll be done in 10 minutes, mind waiting for me?” you just nodded and sat down on one of the vacant seats of the seating area while rin jogged back to the field with his teammates. laughing at how his team was interrogating the poor boy.

    10 minutes flew by quickly, at this point you had stood up from your seat and made your way back to the entrance, waiting for rin to finish his shower and change. a few more minutes passed by before you heard the soft padding of footsteps behind you. it wasn’t long when a tap on your shoulder made you look up from your phone. grinning when familiar eyes with long under lashes came to greet you.

    “you ready to go?” duffel bag carelessly slung over his shoulder, he followed you out of the school and to the arcade you had mentioned earlier. “you seem happy for a trip to the arcade.” he said, tugging at your hand slightly when you were near the crossing –he was making sure you didn’t get run over by a vehicle – before letting go and instead taking hold of your bag.

    unlocking your phone, you showed rin of the new crane machine that had been installed a few days ago. “aren’t those machines scams?” he asked you, flailing your arms around a bit saying that’s not the point. he only sighed and let you ramble about how the plushies in the machine were cute.

    “you’ll help me get one right?”


    you knew it was a lie. 

    by the time you made it to the arcade, you made a beeline to the new crane machine while rin got the tokens. he sighed again when he saw you beckoning him over, eager to play the scam machine to try and get a plushie that wasn’t even worth all the hassle.

    “rin let’s go get lunch!”

    no one was really surprised by your presence when you were by the door of the classroom, already anticipating your arrival minutes prior. it was exactly noon, meaning you’ll be by the classroom door waiting for itoshi rin to finish packing up to go get lunch at the cafeteria.

    “no packed lunch today?” he asked, one hand shoved inside his pant pocket. you only shook your head, moving aside from the door to give room for rin to get out of the classroom, “not today, was too lazy to cook.”

    as the taller male closed the door, everyone began to wonder as usual. someone as stoic and indifferent as itoshi rin hanging out with you, they thought of it as a strange combo but neither of you ever really bothered to care about how people perceived your relationship.

    “i hope the strawberry cheesecake isn’t sold out yet.”

    from the corner of his eye, rin saw the silver bracelet move along with your hand as you got your wallet out of your pockets. gaze lingering more than he should, “rin? you good there?” you asked but he only nodded his head. turning his focus on the corridor buzzing with students but every now and then, he’d take glances at you.

    you always never bother pointing it out. you take pleasure in the simple normalcy routine with rin.

    “sorry i’m hanging out with rin later! maybe next time?”

    “i’ll pass for today, i promised rin i’d help him with homework.”

    “i’m going to watch rin’s match, i’ll see you guys later!”

    “oh right rin said he needed some new pens. be right back!”

    “rin let’s go eat lunch! i packed a bento for the both of us!”

    “not eating with itoshi today?” your friend asked as she pulled out the chair in front of you, taking out her own lunch and placing it on your table. you only shook your head, “already finished. he’s at practice now.”

    her gaze lingered a little over your figure, you only tilted your head to the side, “is there something on my face?”

    “no, no, it’s just…”

    “just?” taking another bite of your lunch you patiently waited for your friend to ask her question.

    “you and itoshi seem really close.”

    you just shrugged, continuing to eat your lunch as she sighed. the both of you were enveloped in silence for a while before she asked another question.

    “i’m a bit surprised you put up with him. i mean, didn’t you say you don’t really like people like him?”

    that question made you stop chewing and begin to ponder. it didn’t take long for you to come up with an answer, “he isn’t so bad if you get to know him well enough.” you said with a smile. almost laughing at your friend’s face as she gave you a bewildered face.

    “seriously? he didn’t brainwash you or anything did he?”

    letting out a laugh, you waved your hand, “you watch way too many movies. no, he didn’t brainwash me or anything.”she sighed and just continued to eat her lunch. 

    itoshi rin may not be the most likable student, but you like him. he may not show it but he truly does care. all those impromptu visits to arcades, tugging at your sleeve, arm, and even hand in some occasions to make sure you didn’t stray too far from him, getting you those plushies in the crane machine even if it takes hours, coming over to your place to help you cook lunch for the next day because he knows you hate the food in the cafeteria most of the time, giving you his jersey so you could wear it during his match. itoshi rin shows his affection in his own unique and simple ways.

    they don’t know him like you do. they knew the rin who’s stoic, rude, disrespectful and arrogant. but you? the rin you know is kind, caring, sweet, a bit rough around the edges but he’s your rin. the rin you wouldn’t trade for the world.

    if only they knew that he was the one that gifted you the silver bracelet that adorned your wrist his name engraved on the inside – when he first confessed. and they’ll never know how there’s a silver chain around his neck with a ring – your initial delicately engraved on it – that he always wears no matter where he goes.

    no one knows of your relationship. no one needed to know of your relationship.

    rin from the very beginning was a private person, and you never minded. after all, why would you complain when you have him all for yourself?




    thank you for 600 ૮꒰ྀི∩´ ᵕ `∩꒱ྀིა even though i don’t post much and my contents are just little snippets of my silly ideas, i’m so grateful for the people i’ve met, especially my lovely mutuals!! i appreciate every single interaction here on hheun— every tag in your reblog of my works, every adoring comment you sent, and every ask that made me smile wide are all insanely important to me <3 i hope to meet more and more precious people here 🎀

  • as thanks, i’ll be doing a small matchup event with 20 slots available. you get a chance to be matched with one of the students in nrc ( excluding ortho ofc ) and be given a trope i think your pair suits most!
  • — ⊹ for mutuals, you’re free to just send an emoji and i’ll match you based on my understanding of you during our interactions! as for people i have not interacted with, please tell me a bit about yourself in your ask— anything, really!

    disclaimer, do note that i will only give out a character and a trope, i’m afraid i won’t be adding any more comments to prevent being burnt out on this event :(

    . . . love, millie.



    + new notification wearing their football jersey to their match

    feat. sae, rin not proofread nor edited if there are mistakes then I apologize because I probably didn’t see them

    rin During Rin's match he looked so serious and cold while he was playing until he noticed you, In the crowd cheering for him wearing some so similar to what he was wearing he examined squinted a big more and his eyes couldn't believe what he saw

    You in a copy of his jersey!? Rin couldn't help but loose his cold face and replace it with a soft smile, Although the smile left his face after a few seconds and replaced with a cold and serious one whilst he continued to focus on the match.

    After Rin finished the match he was playing in he walked over to you and wrapped a hand around your waist along with saying how adorable you looked in his football jersey Rin wonders how long you had a copy of his football jersey but never asks you instead he just softly ruffled your hair.

    Sae While your boyfriend Sae was playing his match against the other team you decided to show up to Sae's match in a copy of his football jersey while cheering for him like to good lover you are, When he noticed you in the crowd wearing a copy of his jersey cheering for him he slightly smiles but the goes away after a few seconds and he continues to focus on his match

    When the match is finished you walk over to sae and he straight up asked "when did you have a copy of my football jersey?" You just replied with saying that you ordered the jersey a few weeks ago and it just came it yesterday then you thought it would be a good Idea to wear it to his game Sae didn't say anything and just petted your head.