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    Bears: I’m going as a lumberjack this Halloween

    The Entire LGBT Community:


    Bottoms: I’m going to wear Arianna bunny ears for Halloween

    The entire LGBT community:


    Muscle gays: I’m going in something that requires eyeliner and no shirt

    The entire LGBT community:


    Gaymers: I’m going as a character i played in a video game but half-naked.

    The Entire LGBT Community:


    Gays The Entire LGBT Community:


    Random but I found this to be funny and it certainly made me chuckle hahaha


    would ya look at that


    In all my years of protesting I have never seen shit like this except once when we had a group of police almost completely surrounded. The stark lack of police is also so striking. This protest was promoted by the fucking president and they had, what, 20 cops defending the Capitol? I’ve been to Black Lives Matter demonstrations where the number of Seattle cops looked to outnumber protesters, I’ve seen hundreds of cops descend on our city in response to Black folks demanding a simple right to live, and now this.

    The difference is just so absurdly stark. Look at this and then tell me cops should continue to exist.


    Cops should continue to exist, but not as they are today. An entirely new organisation run by entirely new people. Equally balanced leadership structures in terms of POC representation, women, LGBTl etc.

    The problem is, police DO have a purpose, and if they do their job correctly then great. Unfortunately in the US the racism and corruption is just too entrenched to fix without a complete overhaul.

    I know people will tell me ‘we don’t need cops’, but you do. When your family member is beaten up or killed, you need the police. When your car is stolen and you want it tracked down, you need the police.

    But what you’ve got in the states right now just can’t be called police. They’re racist thugs. Nothing more.