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2020-06-24 19:26:50

    lol. critics are just mad the Witcher is doing all the things that Game of Thrones couldn’t and better with probably half the production costs.

    flawlessly weave multiple storylines with an incredible balance of drama and humor, make magic and magical creatures look cool, allow people of color to exist and not as slaves or exotic assassins, consensual sex and tasteful nudity, tsundere white haired anime husband, BARD

    Saw Joker

    For me, the film was saying "look at the world and the inequalities. We need to change that."

    Workplace bullying, cuts in funding for mental health care, harassment of women, mocking people, poverty, and people just being dicks to eachother. People like Arthur Fleck, struggling to make ends meet, unappreciated by family, lonely, ostracised for being mentally ill, are slipping through the cracks. And I felt like this film was telling us we need to deal with it. World wide. We need to mend the gap between the working class and the stupidly rich. The corrupt governments. The greed and the ignorance. The racism, the media manipulation. All of the shit in the world: we need to change. That's what I got.

    Films and video games don't create murderers.

    Films and video games are excuses for criminal action only by ignorant people.

    People saying this film could trigger mentally ill people to commit crimes are ignorant and continue to stigmatise mental illness. This includes the media.