<>In life, what scares you?
    Unconsciousness. The unconsciousness that I have in my life sometimes. Other people’s unconsciousness. I don’t mean literally being asleep. I mean, unconsciousness: when you speak in a thoughtless way, when things are lowered in a petty kind of way, when you start to judge. That’s unconsciousness: when you’re not present and you start sizing someone up, it perpetuates separation. One of the purposes of aging is to break down this “otherness”, because there’s really not much that separates us. Ultimately you can almost be anybody because you can identify with their core. So, when I start seeing differences and I start forgetting that fundamentally we are all the same, that scares me, and that happens every day and when I catch myself it’s coño despiertate chico. 

    It’s a little bit of one of those situations where you tell me, “The fire is hot. Don’t put your hand it,” but I have to do that twenty times for me to figure that out. Being on a major label, for example – I wanted to try that out…The act of putting one’s hand over the fire seems to imply some degree of courage, and even though you didn’t say that word, I want to eradicate any possibility that the metaphor implies courage with me. I want to replace that word with “stupidity.” That’s just very important with me. I’m deep in the woods of stupidity. I am deep in the jungles.

    Devendra (via thesekitestrings)


    i agree with the other person. Mala is my favorite album of his but I totally agree he is world's different note his style now. even how he dresses is a huge sell out to who he used to be. I think hespecially much more handsome now lol but he's not the same person anymore. but his sound is much more trendy now but I think he does it really well. but I miss him and an acoustic guitar.

    I mean, I think we all disagree about what sell out means - I don't think changing the way you dress or look means you've sold out, I know I don't have the same style I did ten years ago. I do miss the old devendra when I listen to his early music but that's the same with a lot of artists I've liked for a long time. I think when you like an artist for so long, maybe your feelings about their music reminds you certain phases in your life and it can be a hard to move past that sometimes.


    In response to Anonymous; I felt the same honesty for a long while. But recently I met friends/collaborators of his. And they've all said it's the same Devendra that's always been there. I agree with the statement of that with any artist comes change. All creativity is boundless. And the same goes for him. He went from a kind of homeless prophet/model for some odd new-hippie period to (now in my opinion) a honorable singer-songwriter and musician. You can't judge a book by cover. It's not fair.

    It's reassuring to hear you say that! Everyone I know whose met him has always only said very positive things. I agree that we shouldn't judge books by their cover of course, but I also understand how fans (or ex-fans, like anonymous) can only really make decisions based on what we see from an artist. I think your description of his change is 👌🏽 though.


    i feel like devendra kind of sold out a long time ago. he seems happy now but his art is not as genuine or good as it was. he still makes fun music but idk its kinda sad. reading interviews with him he is really full of it and i know he admits he's not the most talented artist or musician. i think he uses his capacity for vocabulary and facts as a crutch. especially now that he is dating a much younger girl like dude cmon. idk its sad! i really was such a fan for years and years but he aint shit

    Aw that kind of bums me out that you feel that way. He’s definitely changed over the years, but I just think that’s natural with any artist as they get older, and fans are usually split when it happens. I don’t think he’s sold out, I think there was a bit of a sticky time circa What Will We Be where he was annoying most of us, but I think Mala is a beautiful album. In terms of his interviews, I feel like there’s been no change there, he’s always been really divisive even amongst people who like him when it comes to the way he talks in interviews - again, I think a few years back he was veering into a slightly pretentious zone, but his Mala interviews were very humble and sweet I thought. I see why you think that about his vocab but I also think he’s kinda shy and doesn’t like talking about himself much so tries to deflect. Maybe wait for the new album this year before you write him off completely?


    gotta say Ana and devendra were the best.. I don't like the new girl as much. it makes you think how weird it'd be to have a song with your ex and so many pics online etc

    Hmmm I don't think he finds it awkward, since he's always so public with the girls he dates - the Carmensita video, the video with Rebecca Shwartz, the voting video with Ioanna etc...


    I don't think dev and Ana broke up but there's seems to just be a long distance thing. because she comments hearts on a lot of the photos he's tagged in on insta and has liked photos of him on camille's insta. I've always found it weird they don't follow each other on insta though they never haven even when they wereally obviously together

    No I'm pretty sure they've broken up, or at least are seeing other people openly. I didn't know Ana was liking photos of him and Camille though.