Teenage Nightmare

💜Let's not do that this year💜

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2020-10-22 13:30:01

    Let's call a spade a spade. Shane Dawson is a pedophile. Now there's no proof he's ACTED on it, but there's a plethora of content that shows he is attracted to children. Pedophilia isn't something you just mature out of in 10 years or whatever bullshit his fans like to defend him with. Shane Dawson has been disgustingly inappropriate with kids time and time again. It's dangerous for him to be online where he has unlimited access to millions of young fans. When is the line drawn with "just jokes"? That's such a cop out for questionable or offensive behavior.

    Don't get me started about the mother

    Homeroom really is something else. It's the sweet smile for me! Every single episode, I didn't know there were so many ways to creep on someone. My personal favorite has been lint rolling his teenage students unconscious body and saving the paper. It would be flattering if it wasn't so fucking scary!

    Okay okay okay. One last thing cause I’m still living for it. The entire Moon preformance was Little Prince inspired. Jin’s princely aura made it absolutely immaculate. I believe it’s a tale that grows with you and will always have a different meaning as you pick it up throughout life. To see the two paired together so well was really amazing to me.

    Bangtan was showing out. I had so much fun with the 6 cameras! I was surprised how easy it was to flip between them. Y'all know how much I've been wanting this Filter performance and Park Jimin did not disappoint! Jin's solo stole the show for me honestly. Maybe because it's the first time, but I felt that shit. Undercut Yoongi. Need I say more? I feel like ARMY got exposed for being low key thirsty. In all these interviews talking about "special stages for army" then Jungkook come out in them tight ass pants. I don't say this often, but all of Bts was looking very sexy. I had such a fun time, hope ARMY's watching tomorrow have a great time as well!