Okay okay okay. One last thing cause I’m still living for it. The entire Moon preformance was Little Prince inspired. Jin’s princely aura made it absolutely immaculate. I believe it’s a tale that grows with you and will always have a different meaning as you pick it up throughout life. To see the two paired together so well was really amazing to me.

    Woah. This is how I found bts 😂. A video of Jin staring at the camera and I spent a good while just watching the vlogs they had. I didn’t even know they made music! When I saw the music video for Danger, my life was fuckin changed. As a super casual kpop listener, I’d never seen shit like that! I liked Big Bang and Shinee. I saw talented boys that weren’t from the biggest company, but they were giving it 100%. I could really relate to being seen as the underdog. Something about Bts was just.....special.

    Not to be weird, but I'm WEAK for thick thighs. Chubby girls in general have my heart, but for some reason I love some legs that I could rest my head on. Or that my cat could lay on. Extra points if you wear glasses or are artistic. Like seriously fuck me up artsy girls. I'd probably let a girl slap me if she drew me a stick figure 😂.

    At 17 my depression and agoraphobia was at it's peak, 19 my family became homeless and moved to Oklahoma, 20 my father drank and gambled our home away again and finally before I was 21 my mother left him after 23 years in an abusive relationship. The whole time Bts came out with music that really spoke to me. No one ever told me "it's going to be okay." Or "It's going to get better". But it felt like I had 7 people telling me that one day everything would be okay. Now at late 2019 my family has our own apartment, a car, more than we've ever had. I haven't seen my dad in almost a year and I'm starting to be okay with that. Bts was once one of my only outlets of happiness and light. I don't think it's fair to call that stupid because I would've ended up in a very dark place.

    "The fanbase is so toxic. I don't even want to call myself an ARMY". If something brings you joy, don't let people ruin that for you. To me ARMY means someone who loves and supports every member of Bts. Bts brings me a form of happiness no one can ever take.