Season two of Hannibal is my favorite. Hannibal manipulates Will on a whole new level, but it's not with the intention of hurting him. Everything is justified because it ultimately "helps" Will. Bedelia notices how it goes from curiosity to obsession. Lector dedicated his whole life to playing mind games with Will. And Mr. Graham liked it. Let's be real. He knew Hannibal wouldn't be killed so easily.


    you either can’t finish hannibal because of the gore or you rewatch it often enough that the entire show becomes a comedy


    I find it hilarious all these characters are intelligent FBI agents yet share three whole brain cells

    Bruv. I KNOW Hannibal is a literal serial killer. But when I see him get beat up all I think is “Oh no. What if they kill him!”. I feel like I can no longer talk shit to my friend for being in love with Ted Bundy in middle school.