I feel like everyone has that one group that is really special to them. And that's Seventeen for me. I literally waited years for them to debut. Like I remember watching there little show where they were all still high school and had 17 members. Every one of them has been my bias at some point and I'm just so damn proud of them.

    I'm so proud of Seventeen. I remember watching them on Seventeen TV two years ago when they were supposed to debut. When there were actually 17 members. I know it must've been hard for them to get there hopes up like that, just to be told they had to wait longer than they already had. Some of them had been trainees for a long time. I felt sad when Ming Ming left as well. I imagine it was hard for Jun and Minghao to lose part of there China line. But they kept trying and there debut slayed. Every album they keep surprising us. Getting better and better. I'm so happy to see them at number one. They all work so hard. There is no weakest link. Everyone contributes something special and that's why they work so well. Minghao continues to absolutely wreck my bias list every day with his sheer cuteness and amazing voice. These Pledis boys will keep improving and showing more of there talent and charms.

    My (Rather racist) 15 year old little brother saw these pictures of Jeonghan and said "Woah. An Asian girl who's actually pretty. Like really pretty. She has really nice hair" I go to just sit back and laugh my ass off. He was so confused. Between all my hysterical laughter I managed to say "That's a boy! An angelic boy!" I've never seen him so shocked. He said " I almost listened to Kpop so see and hear her more. You hear me! I ALMOST NEEDED YOUR HELP GETTING INTO HER FANDOM! But then I find out *whispering* I was in love with a man. Another man. Sis, don't tell anyone I was gay for like 5 minutes."

    Seventeen as pillows

    S.Coups: the one shaped like a man's upper body for women's comfort

    Jeonghan: the really furry one where you constantly get hair in your mouth

    Joshua: has a voice box inside that your friend hid and every time you lay down its like "wHATSUP"

    Jun: the hello kitty one with drool stains all over it that you hide when friends come over

    Hoshi: tacky patterns but appreciated for the unique personality

    Wonwoo: square and completely black

    Woozi: one that plays soft music but actually has knives inside

    DK: fluffy fluffy fLUfFy

    Mingyu: dog shaped bc he's an actual puppy

    The8: cuddly and soft and getting out of bed is always hard

    Seungkwan: for some reason there's an alarm clock in the middle of it wAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAWAKE UP

    Vernon: the one with the pillowcase that holds all your drug money

    Dino: probably a pillow pet