Homeroom really is something else. It's the sweet smile for me! Every single episode, I didn't know there were so many ways to creep on someone. My personal favorite has been lint rolling his teenage students unconscious body and saving the paper. It would be flattering if it wasn't so fucking scary!

    The more episodes of Homeroom that come out, the more questions I have. Like what do you do if you find your beloved teacher naked under your bed? Tbh I feel like all that you can do is pretend you didn't see anything.

    Basically this show is a fan fiction you deny reading but really it lives in your head rent free.

    *Quick edit* WHAT IF the girl finds out and doesn’t care? Now that would be a twist! A totally fucked upon twist of course.

    How are you going to make every man in HIGH&LOW that fine, then throw seven whole ass movies, PLUS a two season drama at me. Like have y’all been down the rabbit hole for these actors? I never watch Jdramas! I don’t watch more than one drama at a time! Now I have Unnatural, Gakeppuchi Hotel, Homeroom. The problem is they’re not just hot, they’re super talented.