I think a lot about that Fruits Basket story where the onigiri (rice ball) thinks its plain and bad with nothing special about it


    but everyone else actually admires it because of the delicious plum on its back that it can’t see


    anyway, I’m going on a second date with a girl soon and couldn’t help but think “Why would she want to keep going out with me?? I’m like, so weird and a little crazy.”

    but then I remembered that there is also a plum on my back that I can’t see and that people often like others for reasons we don’t recognize in ourselves. Be kind to yourself. There’s always something good about someone– however little we remember it.


    I've been thinking about getting a plum tattooed on the middle of my back for ages tbh

    I made a new friend on Halloween. He was dressed as a 2006 emo kid fantasy. We drank tequila and simped for his cute wife (who came as Velma)

    When my brother told me it was time to go, everyone was so bummed that I was leaving. It was very sweet having drunk people hug me and yell "Why are you taking her? She's a strong independent woman! Take care of her drunk ass"