Vore prompts #07

    Phones in vore are really good...

  • C videocalling or sending pictures to B while inside of their stomach, sending them messages to swallow something C needs like snacks or their console.
  • During a company meeting, everyone is sitting around the reunion table waiting for C who is late. The meeting leader gets annoyed and tries to call them, when they all hear a muffled ringtone coming from B, who is trying to hide a stuffed and noisy belly under the table. Things get even more awkward when you can see a phone's screen light moving on their stretched abdomen's surface through their shirt.
  • B being clingy and wanting C to pay attention to them but C is busy on their phone. B grabs C's phone and swallows it, refusing to spit it out. A grumpy C crawls downs B's throat and curls up inside B's stomach grumping and typing angrily on their phone while B caress their belly all proud of themselves and happy.
  • A group of friends lost sight of their friend C and tries to call them. C answers the phone and tries to talk over what sounds like groanings and sloshing, asking for help. The group of friends now has to find C by calling them on their phone and listening to random preds' stomachs trying to locate the ringtone.
  • dodeedodoesatumblin

    I meet the most delicious men when I go out and about.

    I was minding my business when I met a man on the beach. Good looking fellow with a big bubble ass that was barely being contained in his thong.

    He had just finished flossing over some oil over his butt when he turned his head over to me.

    “Oh fuck daddy you packing huh?” He said as he noticed my large bulge in my pants.

    I grinned and shook it in my hands, pulling the elastic down so he can see some of the length before letting go and watching the shorts slap back up.

    The scent of cock filled the air as the man inhaled and moaned lustfully as his eyes rolled back into his head.

    “Oh fuck your cock smells so good. If it looks that good from the preview... I want the full experience...”

    He spoke as he wiggled his ass then grabbed each cheek to show off his tight hole for me before letting go and arching his back for me.

    I was ready to eat him out but my cock had other ideas as it was ready to burst free from my pants.

    With a simple flex I watched as my foot long cock freed itself from its cloth prison as I stroked it in anticipation of what happens next.

    I walked over so that my cock was angled towards his fat ass and I lowered myself so that my equally fat cock buried itself between his thick cheeks.

    “Oh fuck you’re so huge!” He screamed as he held steady as my cock pushed itself into his hole.

    I continued lowering myself as my sweaty balls glided down his ass until my cock was deep inside him.

    With nowhere to go I started fucking him doogy style as I smashed into what felt like his prostate over and over.

    He called me all sorts of names with each thrust as he had came early on in our fucking but I still had plenty of time before he would be my treat.

    After stretching his walls apart, I finally came half an hour later as I slammed into his fat ass and grunted in his ear as hot cum erupted out my cock and feel inside him.

    The man moaned as he could go nowhere as I rested my cock in him as I could feel my cum deposit in his guts.

    I think by then he was realizing something was off as he became more and more uncomfortable; as if his ass was still stretching apart with each passing second.

    He was still lost in the bliss as he wriggled about but my cock still wanted more.

    I finally pulled out of him as he had more than a foot long cock inside him at this point. It was several feel long and thicker than ever as the head of my cock pulled out from his ass with thick ropes of cum erupting out his worn asshole.

    He was exhausted and nearly passed out from such an intense fuck that I wish he was more conscious from what was about to happen next.

    As I stood back, I let my cock fall towards his bare feet as the head of my monster cock grew out and rapidly swallowed them whole.

    My cock then began to take more and more of him inside as it swallowed him like a snake.

    I watched with an evil grin on my face as my cock continued pushing forward alwhile pulling him in as I could see his eyes roll back his head as he was still out of it.

    Thick bursts of cum shot out as well, coating the man making him easier to swallow as I simply stood with my hands on my hips, occasionally thrusting them forward every once in awhile to help aid my cock.

    With his arms pinned to his sides and him already halfway down into my cock; it was already well over for him as he finally came to when he realized he couldn’t move.

    “What the fuck?” He said as he weakly struggled as he was already up to his neck in cock. He let out one loud scream for help before he was completely pulled into my cock and I simply chuckled as I watched him disappear from this world and into my cock.

    I watched him struggle all the way down until he slid upwards and down into my balls.

    Once he did I decided to lay out on his towel with my swollen sac between my legs.

    I tried to comfort him as my hands ran across my sac but in a few moments he would be my next load as I gave him a fond farewell; eventually passing out to the noises coming from my sac.


    “Coach? What are you doing here?” You ask as you see him sitting on the rock as you clear the bend.

    He sat there smugly and looked you down like the meal you was gonna be soon. “Who do you think you was talking to on that app?”

    You gasped silently. Two weeks ago you had been talking to the pred on a vore app as you practically begged him to eat you. This whole time you never got a clear picture of him but he sent you pictures of his gut and how much he was ready to put you inside it.

    After enough persuasion you finally got him convinced as he gave you instructions on where to meet him.

    “Coach I didn’t know you was a pred. All this time?” You said to him.

    But he grinned and slapped his stomach. “What do you think happened to all my players who didnt shape up?”

    It all made sense as last month a few of his players ‘dropped out of the team’ or ‘switched colleges and had to quit’. You also swore that coach looked larger in the midsection around these times but you never really paid attention to that.

    “I think we should skip the formalities don’t you think?” As you the coach walked towards each other until your hands was already feeling his midsection.

    “I knew I was going to be food for a pred sooner or later, I just didn’t think it would be my coach who would be the one.” You said as you looked into his eyes.

    He grinned and opened his mouth wide as his hot breath washed over your face.

    “Don’t be down in the dumps. You’ll help keep your coach big and strong. Now let’s get you in here...” he says, patting his gut for emphasis.

    You nod and strip down to your bare essentials as he holds your arms to your side as he easily picks you up off the ground as his mouth opens wide.

    In one quick swoop he shoves you into his mouth as your head and shoulders is covered in thick saliva.

    Coach breathes through his nose as he slowly ingests his meal whole, not skipping a beat as he takes large gulps; happily devouring his meal who occasionally squirmed to help himself inside the hungry pred.

    You feel tightness all around you as you can tell your sliding down to his gut at this point. It was too late to do anything but enjoy yourself as you wiggle your feet on the outside for him.

    Coach stands with your feet outside his mouth and with a free hand he pushes them past his lips as he sends the rest of you inside him.

    From there he grins as his stomach expands with yet another one of his players in his stomach. He gives it a loving pat as his gut extended a couple feet outwards as his meal adjusts inside.

    He couldn’t tell if his meal was getting off or still trying to find his balance in there but a meal was a meal.

    Coach stood for a minute to rub his belly before letting out a huge belch that echoed in the woods.

    “BUUURRAPPPPPPPP!!” Causing the nearby trees to sway with the noise.

    “It’s good to be a pred.” He says as he pats his stomach, his meal already gone still from the event as it loudly gurgled.

    Coach grinned and decided it was good to head home now, he had other players he had to question.

    Summer is the best time for partying, especially when the heat forces all the hot guys out of their shirts. I’ve had a crush on my friend Kieran for a while, on account of the huge size difference between his tall, chunky frame and my relatively slim self. He worked for a while before deciding to return to the student lifestyle, so he’s a good few years older than me too.

    One night as the drinks were flowing and everyone’s senses were fading, all the lads started competing at who had the best ‘party trick’. I stood at the back of the audience that had gathered watching beer bottles being opened by various body parts, until I was distracted by someone’s warm, humid breath suddenly swarming around my neck. I span around to lock eyes with Kieran, drunkenly smirking as he tugged me away from the crowd in one of his thick arms. Catching me off guard, my face ended up pinned under his musky armpit, sending me into a hypnotic bliss just as I hear his voice in my ear.

    “Seen you staring at me for a while now man, glad I’ve been getting some attention!” The relief of hearing he didn’t have a problem with my obvious crush made me sink deeper into his pit, his scent completely filling my lungs. “Tell you what, help me win this party trick thing and I’ll let you rub my gut. Bet you’ve been drooling over the idea!” I nodded in acceptance of his offer, and was soon dragged into the middle of the circle by Kieran waving to get everyone’s attention. I wasn’t sure what this party trick would end up being until he lifted me up right in front of his face, the stench of beer getting strong as his jaw opened wide...

    Kieran’s wet tongue smothered me as my head was shoved into his mouth, guiding me towards his eagerly waiting throat. Unsure what was happening, I began to struggle only for my arms to be gently but securely fixed against my sides by his much stronger arms. Kieran moaned slightly as he swallowed me up to my waist, as though this was a familiar and pleasing taste to him. Deep in the warm darkness of his body, I protested as he tore off my shorts to allow my journey to continue, but it seemed my cries were muffled by the many layers of muscle and fat between me and everyone else.

    No time was wasted bringing the rest of me down into his tank, Kieran’s drool coating my thighs and legs as a few strong gulps brought my feet to the edge of his lips, where my shoes were quickly ripped away. As my feet were sealed within him and joined me in his stomach, Kieran let out a deep belch, which was followed by quiet cheers drowned out by the loud gurgling and pounding I was subjected to.

    I shifted within the tight walls of his stomach to try and get comfortable, but the chill of Kieran pouring the last of his beer over me and bouncing of his gut as he left the party prevented this. As he began his long walk home, his voice boomed around me. “Congrats man, we won! Now you get to give me that belly rub, sorry I didn’t tell you it would be from the inside!” He jostled his bloated belly around to motivate me to begin fulfilling his request, and I happily began gently rubbing my hands around his stomach. “Fuck that feels good... I’ll let you keep that up until I get home, then let you out again so you can give the rest of me some appreciation!”

    "Chill lil broski. You're safe now. Those guys ain't gonna pick a fight with me to get to you." Daniel stirred a little less frantically, letting Lucas' voice calm him. "Can... can you take me somewhere safe to be let you?" Daniel cooed, feeling safe in this big strong man's stomach.

    "Let you out? Ohhh... you think I'm going to take you somewhere safe.. guess that isn't entirely false. My arms and pecs are safe. No one hardly picks a fight with me, haha. Sorry lil guy if you thought you'd be coming out. Bud, you'll be safest as a part of me. Just relax and let big Lucas take care of you."

    Brett looked concerned. Chad and Ryan held Tim over the side of the bleachers above Brett as he waited there worried if he'd move that Tim would land without anyone to catch his fall. Chad teased Brett.

    "Be a shame if our star quarterback's little fuck buddy broke a bone. Maybe you should deep throat him like you do all those guys you've eaten." Brett looked up in shock as Tim looked confused. Somehow Chad discovered his secret. The only way Brett grew to 6'7 and gained all that weight was by swallowing unsuspecting men from around town. Just as Chad was about to drop Tim, Ryan grabbed Tim and shoved Chad off the top, Brett taking his chance and opening wide as Chad fell right down his throat. Tim looked shocked as Brett gulped the man's legs down finishing with removing his shoes.

    (Idk where this one was going... getting back into it. I will probably make more content with Brett and Tim. Trying to create reoccuring characters here and there. Mind you, their pictures will be different people.)

    No Witnesses.

    “Stop fighting!” Roared the man as he pinned Nathan to the floor. Nathan attempted to free himself by pushing and kicking but it was no use, he was no match for the strength of his attacker. As Nathan lay underneath the man’s warm body his thoughts raced to what he had seen moments ago as he watched the man consume his brother. Nathan didn’t know how It happened or where his brother even went...he just walked in at the wrong time and saw his younger brother’s body half-merged with a complete stranger. Instinctively Nathan rushed to help his brother but his brother’s attacker saw him coming and quickly absorbed the rest of Nathan’s brother. When Nathan witnessed his brother’s flesh merge with the man he became incredibly spooked and froze in place. He watched as his brother was turned from the man he knew and loved into nothing but mass that gathed in the man’s stomach. The man smiled and rolled his head back and began to strain and as he did, Nathan’s brother was broken up across his body. Nathan watched as part of his brother went to the stranger’s thighs, another part to his biceps and another part to his pecs. Each time a part of Nathan’s brother was added to the man he grew bigger and stronger until there was no more of Nathan to go round. Without a second of hesitation, Nathan turned on the spot and ran for the door but the man quickly pounced ontop of him and that’s how he ended up here...stuck under the man who just merged with his brother.....and he was on top of Nathan...he struggled but it was pointless, he realised that just like his brother he had begun to merge with the man.

    “Fuck you, asshole!” Nathan cried in defiance before the man grabbed his mouth and silenced him.

    “Asshole?....well you just helped me make up my mind about where to put you.” And without a moments notice, the man started to apply pressure to Nathan....he felt like he was going to be crushed before he finally felt an intense heat and his body began to merge with his attacker. Nathan felt weirdly numb as he lost energy and his vision went blurry, he wanted to cry out for help but he lacked the ability to speak as he became a part of the man who lay on top of him, siphoning his life and absorbing his body. After a few moments Nathan stopped fighting and he was lost to the man who immediately began to start digesting him...but unlike his brother who was spread accross the man’s body....the man sent all of Nathan to his ass. The man massages and played with his growing cheeks as he transferred Nathan from his stomach to his ass. Until it was finally done and there were no more brothers or witnesses to be had.

    “Who’s the asshole now?” Laughed the man as he playfully slapped his newly inflated ass, teasing Nathan...his newest captive.


    Drop those sweaty balls on my face and make me sniff them fucker! OINK


    How’re you likin’ it in your new home, squirt? You didn’t think I would keep to my word, did you. All I asked is that you not fail a class this semester. It’s not like I didn’t give you all the tools you needed for success! Well, it looks like you’ll end in this world as you started, just a hot glob of your daddy’s cum. Better luck next time, squirt!

    Nowhere is safe for prey, even in their own home. I had to call someone over to fix a leak in my kitchen, and this guy answered the door. He was a good 6 inches taller that me, his poorly fitting vest just managing to cover his large gut.

    He worked away for a couple of hours before telling me he was hungry, which was a subtle demand for me to provide him food. I made the fatal mistake of telling him no since he didn’t ask nicely, which lead to him towering directly above me as he rose back to his feet, his belly pressing gently against my chest. With his body this close to me, the arousing smell of the sweat he’d worked up beckoned me closer... but I quickly snapped out of this trance as he pinned my arms to my side and said “That’s alright, I think I can find my own snack.”

    His mouth opened wide and clamped over my head sending me instantly into darkness, his tongue tasting every detail of my face before pulling me towards his hungry stomach. Lifting me up higher to stretch out his throat, he easily swallowed me down to my waist, my arms now pinned to me by his tight, slimy gullet. This freed up his hands to remove all of my clothing, which my terrified kicking didn’t hinder one bit.

    Swallowing again to pull my ass into his mouth, his tongue played roughly with my hole as he searched for more flavour. This made me writhe and scream in ecstasy, but now my head was deep in his cavern of a stomach these cries went unheard below all the layers of fat. Eventually I blew my load down the back of his throat, which was apparently enough flavour for him to enjoy as he sucked down my legs and feet, his vest riding up his hugely rounded belly as I settled in.

    “Hmm...not quite enough, what else you got lying around?” I struggled feebly within the crushing walls of his stomach as the man searched the kitchen, where he found a box of a dozen donuts I hadn’t opened yet. He crammed them down one by one, slowly filling what little space I had around me until his belly was completely round, my struggles making no visible change anymore. Sitting down to take a nap, his stomach got to work claiming his meal, soon to just be extra belly fat.

    5 to 1

    Taking over my son was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. See, him and his friends were always playing pranks around the neighborhood. So as a punshiment, I possessed his body with the charm an old witch gave me. Call me evil, sure, but it was amazing to feel young again! I couldn’t believe I had abs again, as they morphed into a beer belly a long time ago.

    Youth was amazing at first, but then I began to notice some problems. When I was around my troublesome friends, my cock would instantly get hard and start to throb. I know what you’re thinking, maybe I’m gay now, but this was way different. I didn’t feel like I wanted to fuck them, it felt like I wanted to...consume them. And one day, I did.

    We were just playing around in my garage, and my old body was stashed in my room for no one to ever find. My wife- err mother, was on a business trip so I had a month to myself. It took so much energy to restrain my leaking boner, even my friends started to notice it too. And the second they mentioned it, my cock grew to a massive size, bursting through my blue jeans and plaid-cumstained boxers. It was almost the height of my shortest friend, and it was dripping with semen. They were all astonished, and I was panting heavily. Jake, the friend who mentioned my boner, adjusted his blue cap and took one step towards the giant cock and it instantly lashed out. In an instant, my cock swallowed Jake up, and it felt amazing to me. I could feel the cells in his body turn to pure protein for me and my cock to devour. He was fighting it, I could tell, but I was moaning so loudly I drowned out his screams.

    It wasn’t long before my cock swallowed the rest of my friends alive. Each other fueling my former son’s meatless body, building muscle. It was the start of an addiction, the taste of pure protein, the sensation of swallowing someone with my massive fuckmeat, and the bodily changes that came with it. After I swallowed all of them, my balls inflated to the size of beach balls. I could feel their DNA mix into my semen, and they would eventually be reborn as my children, or cummed into a sock.

    My cock and balls eventually shrunk, turning back into a somewhat-regular 11 inch size, but my body was not the same. I looked down at myself, I wasn’t wearing this shirt before right? I was now bulging with muscle and meat. My son’s old skinny body was completely gone, I guess protein and teenage boy DNA bode well together. I ran my hands over my face and body, and felt a beard and hairy chest. Feeling the hair, I instantly lifted my pits, and to my disappointment there wasn’t hair. Thankfully, there was still that amazing musky scent I loved back in the gym. Damn I wouldn’t even be mad to spend the rest of my life like this, but sadly I know my cocks gonna need more bodies to swallow soon.

    A pred who craves a specific prey. Whenever they so much as think about that person their mouth starts to water, imagining the sweet taste of their soft body. Seeing their would-be victim is even worse, causing their stomach to ache and growl furiously.

    Unfortunately for this pred, their intended prey is a colleague or rival; someone who tends to be there when they give a speech or even just try to talk in front of others. They struggle through conversation after conversation, trying desperately to ignore the aching hunger in their middle and the gush of saliva every time they so much as catch sight of the object of their obsession.

    One day, they give in and just est the prey in front of others. Consequences be damned, they need this person in their belly right now. They break off mid-sentence and grab their prey by the shoulders, shoving them headfirst into their dripping maw amidst gasps of horror and surprise.

    Blind to the growing panic around them, the pred is in bliss as they savor their meal. They slowly pull their thrashing prey in further and further, eagerly gulping at them until all that's left is a muffled voice and a swollen belly, jiggling slightly as the prey inside squirms.

    The pred belches, apologizing to any remaining onlookers and kneading the sensitive spots on their belly. They don't seem nearly as apologetic as they're trying to seem, as evidenced by their self-satisfied smirk and the way they carry their belly, as if it were a trophy to show off.

    Business resumes as usual, despite the shocking interruption, although the pred finds somewhere to settle in and show off their bloated middle, teasing their prey for being so delicious.