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    I don’t know what I was doing. Or what I should have done. It was infuriating seeing my girlfriend with someone else. Infuriating, yet arousing at the same time. I didn’t know the other woman. Oh hell, just a girl really. Younger than both of us. I’ve seen her before, just not like this,…but, it was happening… in my house…. on my bed. Hearing the whimpers coming from Amy. Hearing this girl berate her. “Oh you nasty slut have been missing me, haven’t you?” and “Take my shorts off, bitch, and show me how much you crave me.” I don’t know their connection, or history……. but there was something… something about her affecting Amy…… and starting to affect me too.

    Fuck! I just watched as that girl laid back while Amy helped her out of her shorts and thong, not wasting a second before her face was between those thighs.  I stood there for what seemed like forever, watching as this girl relaxed and Amy continued to moan quietly while licking her. Seriously, I have never seen Amy like this. I could almost feel the pressure of her tongue and I so desperately wanted to touch myself. Shit, I was touching myself. That last moan was my own, and suddenly this girl and I made eye contact. That smug smile on her face killing me, but I didn’t stop what I was doing.

    “Why don’t you get undressed, Julia? If you’re a good girl, I might let you have a turn to taste me next.” Amy let out a loud whimper hearing that, and I felt as if someone else began peeling my top off, and then my shorts. Oh her fucking smile as I now stood there completely naked  awaiting her next instruction, as. she kept her hand resting soothingly on Amy’s head while, at the same time, making it clear exactly what she wanted, finally easing Amy to the side as I took her place.

    “Yes, such a good girl. I knew you’d like it.”


    i can’t believe it’s nearly 2018 and dweeby ass superhero fanboys are still having the marvel vs dc debate like y’all just need to accept the fact that neither of them will ever amount to the greatness that is sky high (2005) dir. mike mitchell and just move on with your lives


    I need this 😍💦


    Look at those multitasking skills @thesi1entwatcher


    Beauty looks better on a leash. 

    Be worthy enough to earn such a treasure. 


    I love the harem slave costume, I want 1 for me, tee hee


    Property literally means belonging. You see how beautiful that is, don’t you?


    I am your property, so please treat me like your property and not like i’m a human being!