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    @little.baby.em sure needs some extra protection while going out.👶🏻 A double diaper will do 👌🏻


    “Oh sweetheart, stop crying, you know how much you peed in the last few days. We wouldn’t want you to leak at your parents house, right? Or do you want to risk having to be changed at your parents house? We can always take the second diaper off if you’re ok with that. I mean, it’s not like your mother hasn’t changed you before. And with that crinkly cannonball of a butt, she’ll probably figure it out anyways. You know what? Let’s take a few spare diapers with us in case your mother wants to change you! Now finish your bottle and put on your skirt, we wouldn’t want to be late for lunch!
    And make sure to pack a few more waterbottles, you know how important it is to
    stay hydrated!”

    Attention Little’s!

    I’ve discovered a proven method to get back on your Daddy’s good side. Even if you’ve been a brat all day and EVEN if you’ve been a giant “fuss monster” as Daddy lovingly calls me sometimes

    Step 1: shower Step 2: put on pull ups Step 3: pick lingerie and stockings (I’ve found animal theme like bunny or kitty to be fool proof!) Step 4: put paci in and carry on being your adorable little self

    That’s it! You will be back on daddy’s good side in no time! Try it - it works everytime !! 😉💕


    Check out “Maid Dorothy Spanked in Baby Diapers” 

    Dorothy Burnett is working as a maid in a very strict household. She has to wear a revealing little uniform and she has strict rules to follow. She’s paid a high hourly rate by her eccentric boss, but he insists that she do nothing but clean when she’s at his house: she cannot waste time to take breaks. He also has told her that there would be serious consequences if she ever broke any of his rules.

    Dorothy almost had an accident at work yesterday because she was unable to take a break to go use the toilet. Fortunately, though, the tiny girl realizes that she’s little enough to still be able to wear baby diapers, so on her way to work she stops and buys herself a pack of Size 6 Pampers. Once she’s at work, she lies down and diapers herself up in the adorable little diaper.

    Unfortunately, while she’s lying on the sofa checking to see how wearing diapers like a little baby again feels, her boss comes in to check that she’s still working! Dorothy tries to explain that she’s only putting the diaper on to avoid taking breaks, but Mr. Kennedy considers this to be a break, and also considers it to be inappropriate behavior for a member of the staff of his house. He told Dorothy that she would have consequences for her behavior and she does indeed. She gets put over his knee and spanked across the seat of her little diaper. The tight-fitting diaper leaves a lot of her round little bottom exposed and she’s so embarrassed to be being seen dressed like this. She cries out and kicks and squirms. When the spanking is finally over, Dorothy is told to get back to work but the bear in mind that she has a red, sore bottom and a diaper on under her uniform and to, perhaps, follow the rules next time. 

    this video here!


    …A cautionary tale: The road to ‘ouchie-hell’ may indeed be paved with good intentions…