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I am a guy living in California. I reblog things that I like or get me excited or random thoughts going through my mind. I am 37y.o., 6'3", 225lbs. I will answer questions. I accept submissions, no dick picks please! I dont own any of the images on here, if you would like it taken down please let me know. And if you are in So Cal hit me up! Let's get a drink or have a smoke!

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2021-07-23 22:47:52

    Sharing my girlfriend

    I’m looking to stoke my cuckold desires… so, everyone who reblogs this and sends me a message will receive a photo of my girlfriend. After getting the photo, if you message me a second time with a rating of her (1-10) and your favorite part of her… I’ll also share a nude photo with you! Soon I hope she’ll be an internet star! :) Happy sharing!

    This is a picture of my wife on my couch. That's not my boxers... That's not me. This was an absolute whirlwind weekend. I was out of town for work and she went out the night before with her friends. She started texting me that there was a group of Australian guys at the bar and one kept dancing and flirting with her. Next thing I know I was giving her permission to go back to his hotel. They went skinny dipping and then back to his room. The next day she brought him to our house for a swim and round 2. And then round 3. 😍

    Edited for Tumblr's early 1800s Puritan family values. 🙄