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    “Bro…we can go to my room…maybe you wanna shoot your cum all over my boobs? That would be fun…or do you wanna maybe fuck my pussy? I’m so horny…I’m not on birth control…but you’d pull out right?” 👄


    Telling him I wasn’t on birth control just made him more eager to get inside me…and I guess I’m ok that he didn’t manage to pull out in time…


    Yeh sis as long as you are at the same time …





    A brother/sister incest gif and story

    By Joel Torrid

    It started with a hug. But I felt his cock get hard against my belly. So I began to grind against him. He slid his hands down to cup my ass and pull me into him. It felt good to be that close to him and I began to heat up. I felt him breathing heavy in my ear.

    “It’s hot in here,” he half spoke and half moaned. Then he stepped back and removed his shirt. I admired the musculature of his chest and abdomen as I reached out to touch him. I slid my hands over his hard body, tracing my fingers over the smooth ripples of his muscles.

    “I’m getting hot too,” I said as I pulled my blouse over my head. I watched the look on my brother’s face turn hungry as I unhooked and removed my bra.

    I stepped toward him and hugged him again. The feeling of my soft round breasts flattening against his smooth hard chest was turning me on. I could feel myself getting wet.

    “I like this hug better,” I said as I pressed my body against my brother. Then I felt something wet on my stomach. I looked down between us and saw the head of my brother’s cock sticking out above the waistband of his shorts. And it was leaking pre-cum on my belly. “Mmmm…I can see you like this hug better too.”

    My brother’s face got red as I pushed his shorts and boxers down past his balls so I could feel the full length of his large cock throbbing against my tummy. I hugged him hard and felt his hands on my ass again, pulling me against him, humping me. Then he was tugging my shorts and panties down and sliding his fingers between my cheeks.

    “Let’s sit down,” I said as I pushed him down to a seated position on the couch. I climbed on top of him and straddled him, settling into his lap. I hugged him again and felt his cock sliding against my pussy. We humped against each other as we continued to hug. His full length was sliding back and forth between the folds of my dripping wet sex. Our movements became hurried and frantic, grinding our genitals together.

    “I need you inside me,” I groaned as I raised up far enough for my brother’s cock head to lodge between my burning hot pussy lips. I slowly sat down and we both moaned in unison as I impaled myself on his big fat dick. My brother was all the way inside me and we resumed our previous movements. But this time, we were fucking. I was fucking my brother!

    It didn’t take long before I screamed as my body shook in orgasm. My brother hugged me tight and continued thrusting his hips upward, pounding his cock into me.

    “Oh my god,” he hissed through his teeth. I could feel his dick pulsing within me, spraying his warm load deep inside me. My brother held me tight as his thick meat continued erupting into me. I came again immediately, my tight pussy squeezing and milking his cock.

    After our orgasms subsided, we just sat there still hugging. His cock still embedded within me.

    “We need to hug a lot more often,” he said. We both laughed and hugged tightly. But we both knew this was too good for it not to happen a lot. I could already feel him getting hard again inside me. It looked like we both were ready for round two…


    INCEST - If you dare

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    Yes yes yes 😈


    Absolute yes




    Love incest, me and my brother love each other


    All incest 🤤🤤🤤


    Yup bro / sis / cousins in particular


    Such a huuuuuuuuuge turn on 🤗…mommy fucking me, her son. Sometimes I pretend to be daddy’s little girl ☺️. Both scenarios involve creampies 😋


    I DO!! LET'S UNITE!!