Batgirl by moonlight


    Original pose,lighting and scenebuild by @rookie-sfm

    i asked him to send me the dmx soo i could anmate it cause..well dat ass XD

    Use the links below for the full loop

    Use mixtape link for 60 fps

    Gfycat white

    Mixtape white

    Gfycat black

    Mixtape black

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    Batgirl on top


    UGH this animation gave me alot of issues, but in the end i made it work…sorta

    batgirl model by @Allmightyyadio

    Use the links below for full loop

    Use the mixtape link for 60 fps

    GfycatW 720p

    MixtapeW 720p

    GfycatB 720p

    MixtapeB 720p

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    Planting her seed

    Here’s an animation I made tonight, since I’m going out of town the rest of the week, see ya! Trying out @akkoarcade‘s dong model that has nice balls. I’ll probably make some posters to show it off better.

  • Poison Ivy model by Dr.Dabblur
  • Batgirl model by ColonelYobo/Yadio
  • Ding Dong by @akkoarcade (patreon)
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  • Gfycat (Bad Quality, for mobile)

    Webmshare (Good Quality, webm)

    Mixtape (Best Quality, mp4)

    Lending a hand

    I was sitting on this animation for awhile and decided to finish it since someone sent an ask that was asking for exactly this.

  • Poison Ivy model by Shaotek
  • Batgirl by yadio/colonelyobo
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  • Gfycat (Bad Quality, for mobile)

    Webmshare (Good Quality, webm) (Best Quality, mp4)

    Gotham City three way

    I’ve been sitting on this animation for a while now, time to post it along with some posters of other angles that don’t look good animated. 


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    Gfycat (worst quality, for mobile) (Mp4, best quality)


    EDIT : Alt angles added due to popular demand

    Didn’t change the animation or anything, also vert vid had to edit differently, so colors are off.

  • A1: Gfycat  /  Safemoe
  • A2: Gfycat  /  Safemoe

    Uh…so, I felt like I could do this pose justice by animating it, then when I threw it into Premiere I did some grading then it looked even better(to me) but when I export it to webm…it has this ugly ass funny ass outline around the character.

    Yes I exported from SFM as Image Sequence.

    I exported this like 5 times changing little things, hell even going as far as ramping it up to ‘Constant Quality 100′ and…well that took care of the ugly ass blur, but as a result was a 300mb+ file so I tried to find a way to host that so it could be streamed.

    Yea right.

    So I exported one last time and here it is, like I said before, when things are going good something ALWAYS ensures I cannot enjoy it.

    Not even the little victories.