Evil hitomi bone prone


    saw this model on deviant art and i just had to port her and use her ;D. @maiden-masher something i think you’d appreciate ;p. dw guys i will release the model.

    huge thanks to @cyth-swag for rendering the white version

    Use the links below for the full animation

    Use the mixtape links for 60 fps





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    Honoka prone bone


    This was a reverse commission i did with my good friend the @maiden-masher

    where we both requested an animation from one another all in good fun. Mine was honoka prone bone and boy did he deliver *_*.

    and his was evil hitomi doggy(yum)

    if you are a fan of the DOA girls be sure to check his stuff out ;D.

    Use the links below for the full loop

    Honoka prone bone Gfycat

    EvilHitomi GfycatW

    EvilHitomi MixtapeW

    EvilHitomi GfycatB

    EvilHitomi MIxtapeB

    https://www.patreon.com/yadasfm(1080p/no watermarks)


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    Honoka xmas Bj

    ran out of candy canes, so had to give her something else to suck on >:)

    damn i suck at BJs, i mean Bj animations ofc… um not actual BJs cause my actual BJs are on point!!!  hahaha i jest ofc anyways this will be the last xmas themed anim ;p. i will see you guys next year and until then, merry christmas and a happy new year.

    Models by @aardvarkianparadise

    use the links below for the full animation

    Use mixtape links for 60 fps

    GfycatW 720p

    MixtapeW 720p

    GfycatB 720p

    MixtapeB 720p

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    Full Loop:

  • Mixtape.Moe (MP4): 1080p - 720p
  • Webmshare (WebM): 1080p - 720p
  • No Sound:

    Full Loop:

  • Webmshare (WebM): 1080p - 720p
  • Gfycat (WebM/Gif): 1080p - 720p
  • Short Loop:

  • Webmshare (WebM): 1080p - 720p
  • Gfycat (WebM/Gif): 1080p - 720p
  • Mixtape.Moe (Gif) - 720p
  • Mai Cowgirl

    gfycat rule34.xxx

    Just a misc dump of cowgirl stuff today that I’ve been meaning to post for a while but haven’t(and webmshare is down right now, so no webmshare links), starting with a Mai Shiranui animation. I originally did this animation a year ago actually, but I’ve since reanimated it since the original was a little rough.


    gfycat rule34.xxx

    And some Morrigan. I was never a fan of Morrigan’s face in MvCI(not that anyone had a good face in that game - I guess Strider looks okay, but half his face is covered, so…), so I did tweak it a bit to look a little more in line with MvC3′s. Mainly just the nose and eyes.


    gfycat rule34.xxx

    And, lastly, Lulu. Because why not.


    gfycat webmshare rule34.xxx

    Eyyy, something with Shiva. It’s certainly easier to use Shiva’s model if I don’t have to care about her insane ponytail things or worry about genitals. Part of me wants to do something with multiple Shivas, but every time I load up even one Shiva I get cold feet(haha…….). Maybe someday.

    Marie Rose Beach

    gfycat wembshare rule34.xxx

    It’s nearing the end of summer, so one final summer-themed animation. I was going to do something with Momiji too, but I’ll probably do something Halloween related with her instead. Honestly, the only reason I did this one was because I saw a pic of Marie with this hairstyle after forgetting she even had it, and felt compelled to do something with it.


    gfycat webmshare rule34.xxx


    Happy 4th of July!

    Featuring Tina Armstrong, the perfect representation of a classic murican gal. 

    -HD LINKS-

    White-    Gfycat     /      Webmshare

    Black-   Gfycat      /     Webmshare

    Have a good independence day fellow muricans

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