To Serve the People


    HQ | Unwatermarked (both have 30 variants total)

    What we put together on stream yesterday. It is a 5x6 grid of variants. There are 6 outfit variants (canon outfit, dominatrix outfit with bare tits, dominatrix outfit with covered tits; Elsa and Anna swap places), each of which has 5 angles.

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    Elsa and Anna getting pounded

    felt like using Lordaardvark’s dazv4 elsa and anna, hmmm come to think of it this is my first time animating a group sex scene, hope ya’ll like it.

    special thanks to @cyth-swag for rendering the white version for me

    use the links below for the full animation

    Use the mixtape link for 60 fps/1080p

    huge thanks to @aardvarkianparadise for the models





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