Level 10          Helping out a guard with her problem 

    Main angle : Gfycat . Mp4 . Mega 

    Close up:   Gfycat . Mp4 . Mega

    Following her recent contract involving a group of chaurus, our argonian was given a much more manageable job, As of late a guard has been acting abnormally aggressive towards the populace and it’s her job to investigate whats wrong and calm her down. Easy enough! 

    “The guard your looking for should be just getting off duty in a little while, just go to the barracks and wait for her out front, she’ll show up eventually.”

    Following this advice she heads over to the guards resting place, knocking at the door only to be greeted with no response, she sneakily opening and peeking her head though the door she finds that there’s no one inside!, deciding to wait she quietly sits at a table for her troublemaker to arrive and sure enough, someone eventually walks in

    A guard that is visibly frustrated bursts though the door, tossing her sword and shield to the weapons rack, Turning to the argonain and angrily says “who the hell are you and what are you doing here?” walking up to the angered guard our hero explains the situation and asks what the problem is and if there’s anything she can do to help

    “You really want to know what my fucking problem? well why don’t you have a feel for yourself!” suddenly grabbing the argonian by her hand and  places it on her groin she exclaims “Pretty fucking big problem isn’t it!”. Revealing quite clearly what has been bothering

    “Works gotten me so fucking wound up over the past few weeks that i haven’t even had enough time to deal with this fucking pent up monster, Don’t suppose a big strong companion like yourself, would be able to help with my little problem?”   

    Still in awe at the size of her rod, she subtlety nods her head saying that it technically IS her job to help people when their in need, agreeing that she’ll help the guard out with her current predicament as long as she stops being a dick to everyone.Surprised at what the adventurer said, the guard nods her head in agreement as well, “well fuck, follow me then.”

    Picking her weapons back up, the guard signals our hero to her to follow outside until they both arrive to a small area beside the main gate away from public view, undoing her belt and whipping out her Massive throbbing cock, the guard turns around and simply says

    “Get on your knees and open your mouth……i’ll try to not be too rough with ya, no promises though”

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    Spooktober: Nick

    Nick found pounding the Witch was the best way to restrain her after startling her. Strangely she seemed to submit to it; it’s like all she really wanted was a bit of surprise buttsex.

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    Juno Eclipse - Episode 3

    Female: GFYCAT | WEBM
    Futa: GFYCAT | WEBM

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    Juno Trooper - Episode 2


    Eh I’m okay with the outcome of this one, it was difficult to incorporate much variation into this, and I was annoyed that I couldn’t do a throat bulge, but I will fix that for later animations. I also couldn’t seem to get a suitable lighting. But I do like how the drool came out, I think it looks good.

    On a side note, over the next month or so I will be re-working my patreon with new rewards, tiers and objectives. If you’re interested in pledging and want to vote upon what I should add click here. This means the current system will stay in place until February where I will overhaul and add more stuff, oh and remove putting HD versions behind a pay wall. I will also be adding a poll on patreon for people to vote on what I should do next in this series.

    Supergirl Fury - Happy Spooktober

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    Gfycat  /   Webmshare


    This was sorta rushed towards the end, got a sudden cold so I just tried to finish it.

    Its now Spooktober, my favorite time of year, which means I’m going to do spoopy things this month, as well as spooky posters. Get ready to be spooked.

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    Nurja : Club closing

    “It’s been a real intense Friday night at the club down the road. Nurja left the music and alcohol pumping through her veins, mezmerizing people in here with her exotic dances she knew a lot of good moves. The place felt as alive as ever, and that’s what she was looking for coming here to explodes all the energy she cumulated over the last weeks. Tonight is her night, and she decided it was a night she would get laid, no matter what, no matter who. Even though she was looking drunk and danced all night long, she was in fact analysing for a man to have sex with. The night went on, morning was rising slowly, the club was closing, and she still hasn’t find anyone. People were living one by one, and soon the club was almost empty. That’s when she saw them. Tow human men were fixing here, sitting at the bar, talking to each other. When she came here, she didn’t actually thought about getting two men at the same time, but the more she was looking at them, the more she was thinking about it. They finally made their move, approached her with a drink to offer, and started the talk. The club was getting emptier, but was still not closed. They took one of the couch for further drinking. The more they spoke, the hotter it was getting, and they finally started to make out and undressed on the couch. Screw the few people remaining! Nurja wanted it, and she wanted it now! And so did the two guys. One of them spoke : “my friend wouldn’t tell you, but he has a thing for feet. Do you think you can help him with that?"”

    Series of 8 gifs plus a full long lenght montage with extra transitions in it! Enjoy people, as Nurja will get two men just for herself!



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    Lesser quality :


    Argonian model by CreepyChimera   



    That’s right guys, I’ve managed to do an animation. I know, it’s not that particularly great, but it’s a good start, and I’ll be practicing this on other sets.

    Remember the surprise that didn’t happen on the last Ash set? Yeah, I wanted to animate it, but it was too hard. Luckily I got directed to another tutorial that explained this much better, and even better, as a demonstration it was animating a scene just like this. I wasn’t planning to animate this set, but I just had to right?

    Anyways, I’ll try to improve the next animations, and try to make it more detailed (I forgot to animate the dangling belly piercing, I only remembered after the rendering, which took an hour for 3 seconds of this, so… not worth it to go back).

    Also with this animation, I have a pic of the aftermath:

    animation: gfycat (1080p)

    poster: imgur (4K)

    Click the links below to view the animation in a higher quality/resolution:


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    Full Loop:

  • Webmshare (WebM): 1080p - 720p
  • Gfycat (WebM/Gif): 1080p - 720p
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  • Webmshare (WebM): 1080p - 720p
  • Gfycat (WebM/Gif): 1080p - 720p
  • Mixtape.Moe (Gif) - 720p