Batgirl on top


    UGH this animation gave me alot of issues, but in the end i made it work…sorta

    batgirl model by @Allmightyyadio

    Use the links below for full loop

    Use the mixtape link for 60 fps

    GfycatW 720p

    MixtapeW 720p

    GfycatB 720p

    MixtapeB 720p

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    Milk for my favorite cat.

    Webm with sound

    Webm without sound


    I had a few problems while rendering this because of the greenscreen stuff (kind of tricky sometimes). This is why I only rendered in 720p. 

    I asked myself.. why do I even render at 1080p, when 720p only takes half as long and it hides errors, therefore makes it look better.

    Should I render in 720p only now, or should I stay with 1080p?


    Adobe Premiere fucked up the render and I didn’t notice it. (the bad versions are probably uploaded everywhere already)

    I tried a different render option and it seems to be fixed now, but the filesize is also way bigger now.