The Wetter, The Better

    720p Angles: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 with more angles + GIFs at my section in Rexx’s Archive!

    It’s common courtesy amongst the inhabitants of Alliance held towns to ensure the guards protecting them are well looked after. This can manifest itself in various ways, from bringing a lone sentry a delicious homemade lunch to interrupting their midnight swim for a little oral relief…

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    Draenei Futa Tit Fuck

    Another animation I was commissioned to do as part of the half price commision offer.

    1080p Gfycat

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    COMMISSION - Draenei Handjob [1080p 60fps ; 2 angles]

    Gfycat (Easier to view):

  • Angle 1
  • Angle 2
  • (Better quality):

  • Angle 1
  • Angle 2
  • This was commissioned by Erandir.

    Don’t think too hard on the wrist or fingers. Just focus on the smooth hand motion. Trust me, it’s better this way.

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    Lynnua’s new model debut!

    Hey guys, I got some free time to finish this animation, because I really wanted to work with Lynnua’s new model. But I still have some work and study to do. Hope you like. :)

    Angle 1






    POV 2


    Edit: I tried fixing the lights. It looks a little better, but idk what happened to the first video, sorry ._.

    Edit ²: I fixed the issue with the first video! :D

    The things that happen in Mulgore that nobody talks about. Well…I suppose it’s unfortunate but our little orc boy must make a living somehow. 

    He was terrible with a sword and hated fighting. When he fought and lost, the only thing that prevented other warriors from killing him was our little trap’s perfect bottom. After a long string of fights ending in him being anally raped, he started to enjoy being dominated.  

    That’s where I came in. As his agent I put up a sign and collected the money like I do with all of my clients.  All he had to do was fuck and get fucked; whatever the customer was into.

    Sauntering up to us, our first client was a young Draenei shemale who’s giant horse cock stood erect and pulsed at the sight of my new talent. 

    She quickly asked me, “How much?”

    “Twenty gold.”

    “The sign says five!”

    In a firm voice I responded, “And I said twenty. You have the honor of being his first customer. Look at him trembling at the sight of your huge cock.” Reaching down I gently wrapped my fingers just below the fat and rigid tip. A small tug forced a droplet of cum to the surface. “Look at you. You’re so full of cum, you’re already on the verge of exploding.” As a beautiful woman, I knew I wasn’t this Draenei’s type but I wanted to sweeten the deal. With a single finger, I wiped the cum from the tip of her cock and licked it off enthusiastically. In her ear I whispered, “Let me suck you off first…on the house.”

    The young blue Draenei said, “No I want…the trap”. Her throat caught and she swallowed in the middle of her sentence, I could see her hands were shaking. She really did have a thing for my little new trap. 

    Smirking I slid down to my knees. She looked annoyed and folded her arms but she made no move to stop me. Sucking the tip in, I let the fat cock slide down my throat until I’d gobbled half of the length. I felt it flex and the look on her face changed to a shocked expression. Her ass tightened and I managed to get a little grunt out of her.

    Pulling my mouth off with a shlopping sound, I stroked the wet shaft and smiled up at her. The salty taste and smell of cum filled my senses. Her huge nuts clung tight to her shaft and a small string of cum leaked onto my hand. 

    Now to close the deal. Speaking cocky now that I had her I purred, “Here’s the thing my young blue friend; if you stick this magnificent cock in my new trap over there, his ass is so tight, you will cum in ten seconds flat and that will be twenty gold. So take some good advice and let me suck you off first. He needs to be broken in still and you can’t help me if you dump your spunk just from sticking it in.”

    She nodded and put her thumb to the base of her cock, tipping the length down until it touched my lips. Smiling at me, her eyes had a devilish fire to them. She spoke confidently, “Fine then whore. Suck it until I cum but you don’t know much about the Draenei. I’m going to need a lot more than a deepthroating slut to balance me out. I will be fucking all of your holes and I will need to cum at least four times before I am ready to fuck your twink. You still want to suck me off?”

    The delicious aroma of her sex filled my nose. Her pheromones were pushing me into a sexual frenzy but I managed to keep my cool. With a small giggle I answered, “My dear, I know a great deal about Draenei. The only thing that I WON’T do…” Rubbing my fingers together, I opened my hand palm up.

    She returned my smile and placed a small leather bag in my hand saying, “Twenty gold.”

                                                -J.S. Bloodwine