P.S: This was a baseanimation (2-3 months ago) i never finished.. until now.

    P.P.S: Just realized i did a terrible mistake. Whoever finds it can keep it. I’m gonna fix it tomorrow i guess, it kinda bugs me.


    I decided to change the shoulder a bit. It was just the angle that made it look weird. The mistake was that the dick clipped through EDIs belly. 

    About the nonjiggle: I just wanted to make her look like a real robot and not a bodypainted girl - also saves time, heh.

    Also used the “HD” skin of the whining bitch because i wanted to repost it anyways. I hope you stop crying now ;_;

    Making Robo-Babies [Commission]

    Shh, no one tell him that’s not how new robots are made!


  • Clean Side
  • Clean POV
  • Facial Side
  • Facial POV
  • Animation was commissioned by Zak:

    EDI & Built white male, femshep’s cabin. EDI’s tounge out in ahegao. Both her legs are above males head. Males arms around a leg. Her arms above her head (she is laying completely on her back). Four angles: POV and Side, and for each of those two, clean and cum only on face

    You can put in your own commissions by going to my commissions site,




    Space Pirates



    There is something really strange going on here… somehow the white version contained some kind of weird first frame (you can see the flickering in the GIF version). 

    I have no idea what caused it, but then I deleted the first frame in the WEBM to see if there is something different… It turns out to look exactly like the pirates version now - despite having 1 frame less. At least for me it does.

    Did the pirates steal the first frame in their version?

    Also, I should have used the jigglyboobs version of this model. I wanted to make her look more like a robot, but canonwise she is supposed to have human features - although her tits never had any jiggle in the games, she only had a cameltoe.

    Well..who cares.