Chinese stealth suit

    goddamn.. this model looks good ;p

    male model by @aardvarkianparadise and pipboy model by @stealth211

    Chinese stealth suit by @wattchewant, @uwotinfokm8 and @planet-mojo

    thanks for letting me use her man ;D.

    Use the links below for full anim

    Use mixtape link for 60fps/sound

    GfycatW 720p

    MixtapeW 720p

    GfycatB 720p

    MixtapeB 720p

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    the origin of buckets

    the gunner that became robot fucker 

    yes bucket was a gunner a big one to and he always had a thing for assaultrons (fucking them to be exact)

    origin part 1 

    as he worked on a protectron the gunner was attack and  overrun ed in the heat of the firefight he was shot in the head and considered KIA and left for dead he used the ports of the assaultron that was in need of repair on his self with same help from ********* he was successful on keeping this head together plus same benefits 



    [ANIMATION] October Patron Poll Animation
      - Meaty Thigh

    Big thanks to @planet-mojo for the updated femclaw textures, now with more ass-dimple nmaps and helping me get set back up for sfm with my new laptop, and a thanks to my patrons for helping me out by funding me to keep doing what I enjoy doing

    GFYCAT (No Sound)

    WEBM (Sound) (Sound, best quality)