Patreon poll winner - Classic Harley

    Welp, she won the character poll on my Patreon. I’m planning to do a character poll each month (or two, if time allows) to give my patrons a say in what I make without it turning into full blown commissions. Be sure to check out my Patreon page if you want to help me out. :3

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    Joker cucked ?

    (Though does it even count, Harley was a bit of a whore in the comics if i’m remembering correctly? And selling her body sounds like something the Joker would do)

    This is something I’ve wanted to do for a little while, based on THIS gif by cherrygig. Loved it so much I had to do something similar, though mine isn’t nearly as good. Not extremely happy with it like with the last but I haven’t been feeling it lately.


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    -Black- (super cucked amiright)

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    Breaking News!

    Decided to animated this today, cuz we always need some more DC futa stuff, just wish there were other people making it. 

    For some reason safemoe is stuck on the homepage and I can’t upload to it, my old links still work though.

  • Harley Quinn model by lordaardvark
  • Vicki Vale model ported by @lorisorsfm
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  • Gfycat (bad quality, for mobile)

    Webmshare (good quality, webm)

    Mixtape (best quality, mp4)

    Floppy Harley feets :3

    Gfycat / MP4

    It’s not great I know, lighting is meh, motion is simple, still a lot of noise, but feets are feets, so  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

    Patreon support is always appreciated!


    And thanks again to Haggis for helping me render this, even with all the noise it still took 25 minutes per frame D:

    Gotham City three way

    I’ve been sitting on this animation for a while now, time to post it along with some posters of other angles that don’t look good animated. 


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    Gfycat (worst quality, for mobile) (Mp4, best quality)


    EDIT : Alt angles added due to popular demand

    Didn’t change the animation or anything, also vert vid had to edit differently, so colors are off.

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