Jack anal

    happy new year guys!!!! a lil late, i know, been busy ;p

    Models by @aardvarkianparadise

    and a huge thanks to @foab30 for sharing his scenebuild and making this easier ;p

    Use links below for full anims

    Use Mixtape link for 60 fps/sound

    GfycatW 720p

    MixtapeW 720p

    GfycatB 720p

    MixtapeB 720p

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    Boring Missions

    Gfycat / Webm / 1080p for patrons

    Not entirely happy with how this turned out, but what can you do, enjoy the quickie. I needed the practice.

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    Happy now?

    Gfycat / Webm

    Also, tried to make Anna Henrietta’s animation to look good as futa, but it just looks weird, so I’ll probably do a seperate one with her one day.

    Benezia is indicktrinated. Got it? Instead of indoctrinated. Like dick, lmao.

    Sound versions



    Soundless versions







    You didn’t see that coming huh? (Insert it’s too dark joke here) Yes, it is but it’s also a dark atmosphere.

    Benezia looks so weird without her helmet, probably because this a placeholder model made by someone.