Supergirl Fury - Happy Spooktober

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    This was sorta rushed towards the end, got a sudden cold so I just tried to finish it.

    Its now Spooktober, my favorite time of year, which means I’m going to do spoopy things this month, as well as spooky posters. Get ready to be spooked.

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    Nurja : Club closing

    “It’s been a real intense Friday night at the club down the road. Nurja left the music and alcohol pumping through her veins, mezmerizing people in here with her exotic dances she knew a lot of good moves. The place felt as alive as ever, and that’s what she was looking for coming here to explodes all the energy she cumulated over the last weeks. Tonight is her night, and she decided it was a night she would get laid, no matter what, no matter who. Even though she was looking drunk and danced all night long, she was in fact analysing for a man to have sex with. The night went on, morning was rising slowly, the club was closing, and she still hasn’t find anyone. People were living one by one, and soon the club was almost empty. That’s when she saw them. Tow human men were fixing here, sitting at the bar, talking to each other. When she came here, she didn’t actually thought about getting two men at the same time, but the more she was looking at them, the more she was thinking about it. They finally made their move, approached her with a drink to offer, and started the talk. The club was getting emptier, but was still not closed. They took one of the couch for further drinking. The more they spoke, the hotter it was getting, and they finally started to make out and undressed on the couch. Screw the few people remaining! Nurja wanted it, and she wanted it now! And so did the two guys. One of them spoke : “my friend wouldn’t tell you, but he has a thing for feet. Do you think you can help him with that?"”

    Series of 8 gifs plus a full long lenght montage with extra transitions in it! Enjoy people, as Nurja will get two men just for herself!


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    Commission: A Boring Mission

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    Almost have enough cash together to buy a new PC. Then I can finally join the Blender master race.

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    Second angle, as requested.

    Gfycat / Webm / 1080p for Patrons

    There’s some minor hair clipping, but this version of the model has no hair bones so t(’-’t)

    No monsters or beasts. I don’t even know how Triss can even feel Geralt after banging half the bestiary.


    So I tried to making something lovely dovey like @cakeofcakes does, but I’m not very good at it. ._. 

    Webm / Gfycat / 1080p version for Patrons

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