Do they actually like me? Or are they just pretending? I think they hate me. I have no personality and I'm not interesting. I barely try to start one on one conversations with them. They ignore me for seemingly no reason. But I'm convinced that someone who left the group of friends, make a Discord server with people he still liked and they talk shit about other people. But am I going to tell them? No. Because I know it would just hurt them to hear me have those thoughts about them. So I'm going to stay silent.


    <>Calls for Justice for Aurora’s Violinist Elijah McClain Grow

    <>Elijah McClain was a kind and gentle 23 year old who worked as a massage therapist in Aurora, CO. On his lunch breaks from work, Elijah would go to the animal shelters and play violin for the animals because he thought that they were lonely in their cages and thought that the music would calm them. 

    In August 2019, Elijah went to the gas station to buy some iced tea for himself and his cousins. <>Because he suffered from anemia he would often wear a ski/ runner mask over his face to stay warm. On his way home, the Aurora Police department were called to reports of a “suspicious man.” 

    <>(Warning: for violent description)<><>Elijah was apprehended by a group of three cops<>, despite committing NO crime and being unarmed. A struggle occurred, and he was held in a very dangerous carotid hold around his neck while he cried for help<>, cried out that he couldn’t breathe, cried out that he was nonviolent and couldn’t even kill a fly, and was repeatedly throwing up. El<>ijah weighed a mere 140 pounds. You can hear on the audio foot<>age, an officer instructing another to move their body camera out of view.

    While 3 Aurora Police Dept officers violently restrained him they called Aurora Fire Dept, who<> injected him with ketamine (a powerful drug used to tranquilize horses or in surgeries by a trained anesthesiologist and illegal to be administered by anyone els<>e) even though he was already cuffed and calm.

    <>He went into cardiac arrest , slipped into a coma, and his family was advised to take him off life support 6 days later.

    The cops were transferred to another department but never received charges. 



    Click this Link to call these Representatives and DEMAND JUSTICE!!

    <>Especially call these numbers:

  • Call CO Governor Jared Polis <>(303) 866 2471
  • Call Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman <>(303) 739 7015
  • Call District Attorney Dave Young <>(303) 659 7720
  • Source / Police Video (Trigger warning)


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