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    Fun fact: the reason wearing seatbelts became common in the US was because kids were trained to in school, and would constantly bug their parents to wear their own seatbelts. In my mom’s words, everyone was shamed by little children into behaving safely.


    This is how I got my mom to quit smoking,,, by annoying the everloving shit oughta her at age 7


    My 8 year old looked at a man in the airport (when I had to fly her to her Dad’s for the summer) and the sass came out in 3 ways.

    First: She would constantly ask why someone wasn’t wearing a mask, loudly. “It’s not like it’s hard.”

    Second: Standing in line to get food she noticed ome guy behind us wasn’t adhering to the 6 feet guidelines. She turned to him. “Six feet please.” He was so surprised he stepped back automatically. But then glared at me as I shrugged. “Rules are rules dude. She did say please.”

    Third: A woman sneezed on the other side of the terminal waiting area. She was joined by a couple other kids for this one. “If you cough or sneeze, use your elbow please.” Honestly half of us were trembling to keep in the laughter and the others were just shocked to hear kids speak up like that.


    hearing a five year old yell across the yard that the neighbors were having a party and “its illegal!” is hysterical. 

    So someone (something?) hijacked Barbara Cooney’s website and it’s wild

    For reference, Barbara Cooney was an illustrator-- this is some of her actual work: 

    I don’t really know how internet domains work and such but it seems kind of a shame that this is what happens to websites when an artist passes away. 

    At the same time, I am extremely amused by the phrase “A major unwanted stain within the center with the carpet may make you’re feeling ashamed and go away you in a cheesier situation.” 


    can’t stop thinking about the cursed freaky friday dvd we got


    so when freaky friday came out my family was OBSESSED like we rented it to the point where we decided to buy it but we couldn’t find a copy anywhere until we got one at a gas station on the edge of town. immediately we brought it home and turned it on. we couldn’t figure out how to turn the subtitles off but we loved it so much so we didn’t care. until a few minutes in. gradually the subtitles stopped matching the actual dialogue and at first it was like casual conversation that we didn’t think anything of then it started saying like “get in the car” and “they’ll never find you” and all this weird shit. we kept reading out of curiousity but then the sound cut out and it made a hissing noise. there was a deep voice that said “where’s bob” which is my dad who wasn’t home at the time so my mom hopped up and threw that fucker out

    this didn’t stop our love so we bought another at walmart and didn’t have a problem

    Black inky streams flow down between her shoulder blades like a river of shadows 

    The universe is in her eyes 

    As dark as ebony and scattered with stars

    She is a harmony composed of the sweetest sounds that carry through the mind and into the heart

    She is the reverberation of music through the soul

    She is the gentle breeze that caresses the fields 

    And the howling gale that dances in the storm

    She is cloudy weather 

    Tumultuous seas,

    And rust tinged sunsets

    She is the blue of the ocean in the summer 

    The green of the winter ferns

    She is uncharted woods

    The lacework of branches against the horizon

    And the song of a raven at dusk.