To Serve the People


HQ | Unwatermarked (both have 30 variants total)

What we put together on stream yesterday. It is a 5x6 grid of variants. There are 6 outfit variants (canon outfit, dominatrix outfit with bare tits, dominatrix outfit with covered tits; Elsa and Anna swap places), each of which has 5 angles.

For some reason, Source Filmmaker does not like rendering this out. I suspect it’s due to the large scenebuild. It took close to 17 hours to render all of this out, just over 3 minutes total of footage. I think that’s a longer render time than what was taken by the entire 8 minutes of 1080p Liz footage I rendered out for Fair Market Value.

And then it took another 4.5 hours to rerender the two canon-outfit variants. In total, I spent over 21 fuckin hours rendering this. Way more time than it was worth, honestly. Definitely took longer than Fair Market Value to render, in the end.

Was fun to put it together. I don’t get to build big outdoor scenes often. We also did something experiment with the Domme’s animation - rather than animating it by hand, I actually puppeted over the “sexy idle” animation from HL2′s Alyx, and then modified it. Was entirely unnecessary and it probably would have been faster to just do it by hand, but I love to experiment.

All in all, I think it came out pretty okay. Especially for a little one-off done entirely on stream.

The banners in the last camera angle were put together by me. I vector-traced out the design myself. Google Images led me to believe it to be the official crest of Arendelle, but apparently I was lied to. Oh well, I did the work anyways, so I’m giving it out to all of you.

Can’t hand out the raw vector format, because it’s a .pspimage, and converting to .psd loses the vector shapes. So just have a really big high-quality .png instead. Feel free to use it for whatever you want.