Where to Find Me in the Wake of the Tumblrpocalypse

    This is my last post on this blog. I will not make any further posts here. I will not even log into this blog anymore. If you want to talk to me, please peruse the options below.

    Twitter -https://twitter.com/LordAardvar- This will be my primary social networking platforming for the next few weeks, and will remain as my rapid-fire social media. This is the go-to for the fastest updates on what I am doing and what I am working on. I highly recommend you follow or bookmark if you want to keep up-to-date.

    Patreon -https://www.patreon.com/lordaardvarksf- I don’t make public posts here often, but it is nevertheless a stable place to find me.

    Discord -https://discordapp.com/invite/htCPJR- An open chatroom for anyone to drop in and talk. While it is designed primarily for the discussion of my work, particularly among Patrons, it is free to all, and we do have channels for discussing other artists, discussing your own art, and for technical help in SFM and 3dsMax or Blender. I welcome you all to come join us.

    My website -http://lordaardvark.com- It is currently being upgraded to take on the role that this blog used to play. It’ll take a few weeks, but when it is done, I will be able to make long-form multimedia “blog” posts, with capabilities for people to like, share, and comment on the posts as they see fit. My webdev and I are working to make it as painless and easy as possible, with log-in support through existing platforms like Twitter and Discord. It will also have the capabilities of sending in anonymous questions, much like Tumblr’s Asks system. Ideally, it’ll be home away from home - functionally similar to Tumblr in every way but social networking.

    With that being said, this is the end of a chapter - but far from the end of the story!

    It’s been fun spending the past 6ish years with you all here on Tumblr. We’ve been through a lot. My old blog had 50k or so followers before it was nuked for stupid DMCA bullshit on Nintendo’s behave. This one has reached over 26k followers. And all the while, we have learned and grown together.

    To those of you who choose to keep up with my journey through this wonderful, perverted world of animated smut, I welcome you all with open arms and a promise of an exciting, interesting journey.

    For those of you who decide that this is your last stop, then I wish you all the very best in wherever the currents of life take you.

    To my fellow artist friends and, yes, even foes, I wish you much the same: good fortunes and good luck. We are scattering far and wide now, with nothing short of a half-dozen different platforms taking us in as refugees. The SFM porn community hasn’t seen such a fragmenting since the death of DigitalEro, and unlike then - where we all fled to Tumblr - there is no one platform waiting for us.

    To my fellow artist friends and foes, I further say this: these next few months will be hard. Our followings will shrivel to a fraction of what they used to be. For many of you, the trickle of fan input you used to have may seem to disappear entirely. I encourage you to stay optimistic, to keep pursuing your passions, and above all else: stay true to yourselves. Make what you make for yourself, not for your followers.

    With all said that there is to say, I repeat now the closing words of a franchise that has long abandoned us, much like Tumblr abandons us now:

    “This is where I get off.”

    December 15, 2018 - Stream Cancelled

    No stream today. Going to use that time to continue editing Blue Star Episode 3.

    Semi-related, but I am also putting serious thought into adding another streaming day to my roster, and dedicated it wholly to working on full videos done fully on stream. Still early days, don’t even have an idea for a video to do picked out yet. But I am contemplating it.

    Hopefully by next Saturday, I’ll have it figured out!


    Hey, where else will we be able to reach you after the 17th?

    On the 16th, I will be making one last post on this blog that will have information on where to find me. I will not make any future posts here once that post is made.

    This will include links to my Twitter, my Patreon, my Discord, and my personal website, which is in the process of being updated to become a psuedoblog that will function in the same was as Tumblr did for me before.

    Blue Star Episode 3′s release will be on my website, with announcements on Twitter and Discord. The early-access release will be on Patreon, but due to Patreon’s “no explicit material in public posts” policy, the public release will not be on Patreon. Just know that it’s 5 days later, so if you see the Patreon post, wait 5 days then check my films page on my website.


    Where to find me after Tumblr.

    Since my tumblr will be nuked soon, I made a Discord server, feel free to join and share the link with others interested.  https://discord.gg/cTJYsEr

    I’ll be posting my works and downloads there. I will announce mys treams too and of course chat with anyone.

    I have a twitter too, I guess I’ll have to use it now. https://twitter.com/Ordagon


    Go follow this guy. He’s awesome and does awesome stuff.

    You’ll also be seeing a lot of his mesh and texture work in Hiveship, my next film after Blue Star Episode 3. And I mean a lot. 


    Just a small heads up. All your older movie releases lead to your Tumblr page.

    I know.

    I can’t exactly go back and change all the videos, though.

    On the 16th, I intend to make one last post here that will redirect to my Twitter and website. After that, I will not make any more posts here. Hopefully, Tumblr will at least keep the blog up for posterity, even if no one can find it outside of directly going to the url.

    That way there’s at least the chance to redirect people who are lost.


    Some of your models from sfmlab seemed to have been removed like the sarah bryant samus look a like and palutena. Is there any possibility of reuploading them? Or have you intentionally removed them? Thanks inadvance

    I didn’t remove them, but I have no intentions of reuploading them.

    They’re all horrifically outdated models and I don’t condone their use anyways.

    I will be releasing a much better Sarah/Samus in the next few months.


    When your porn parody has better animation than the actual games made by Bioware. How do you feel Ard?

    Well, unrelated to your comment, but I feel like making a 3d model avatar for Adobe Premiere and then animating Heavy using its face like a punching bag.

    I can’t overstate how much stress I had cutting that trailer together. It’s at the point I am considering changing editing programs between now and the final editing of BSE3.

    Beyond that, going back to your comment, there’s a world of difference between cinematic animating and game-engine animating. Now, in-game cinematics... that’s a harder argument to make.


    How come when I use the flexes on your models, some of them reset for the first 3-4 frames when I try to render as image sequence? Mostly happens on face flexes, vaginal/anal, and body morphs.

    Because you’re using old models.

    New models don’t have this issue.


    hello and excuse my stupidity, but i rember that you once posted a link for a huge mass effect props models etc... cant find ( there is my stupidity) it anymore. Would you be that kind and give us the link again please ? :(

    It’ll find its way onto my website eventually, along with all of the other content releases I did outside of SFMLab.

    Give it till the end of February.


    Do you have anything other than twitter that I can follow after the ban

    Only other platform I use is Patreon, which obviously you probably don’t want to follow for any sort of classical social media. It only gets reward posts, I don’t really do public posts on it (that’s what Tumblr was for, after all!)

    If my blog can get overhauled, then it’ll eventually be something you can keep track of (just bookmark or remember the url - LordAardvark.com is pretty simple I think), to keep up to date on anything that’d otherwise be a Tumblr post.

    But Twitter is the best place to keep up with me on a day-to-day basis.

    Stream - December 8, 2018

    So today’s supposed to be a model stream, but I’ve been chewing through mind-numbingly mundane work as I render out all of BSE3 all week. I need to animate something fun and engaging.

    So, we’re doing another animation stream. And this time, we’re doing something a bit different.

    For the past few months, I have been playing with the idea of doing a fully voiced video wholly on stream. I have decided we’ll experiment with that, with a micro video (60-120 seconds) that’s skimp on narrative, over the course of a few streams.

    Admittedly, I have not talked with Andrastae yet to see if she’s even interested in this project. If not, then we’ll at least get some loops out of it.

    If she is interested, though, then the goal is to chew through all of the mechanical animation first. Then, in the week between streams, get whatever audio is necessary recorded, and then use the next stream to install and process that audio.

    I’m shooting to get the video done in two streams. However, I will admit that this micro I picked is a bit heavy on the animation side, with 4 unique sex animations. So it might end up taking more. We’ll see how it goes.

    I offer absolutely no guarantees that this will work at all, and ever see the light of day. But I also guarantee it’ll at least be and exciting experiment!

    Click here to join us!


    Tumblr committing suicide and the 2019 vote aside, you mentioned a couple of possible projects a (long) while back, both using Elizabeth. One was a new game, the other a voiced Liz dominating another Liz video, are either of those still possibilities or were they scrapped/forgotten about?

    They are both very much still in my mind. I want to take a few weeks off after BSE3 is done to experiment with Unity, using the Vault Liz game idea as a backdrop to work toward.

    The Liz-training-Liz is a film. No idea when it’ll get done, though, since I have so many other films to do as well. And, notably, Hiveship is next.

    Featured: The Task Tumblr Staff Was Given That Ultimately Led to the Decision Announced on December 3rd

    I’m not gonna lie, I don’t have the motivation to keep up this shit-posting. I’m ready for Tumblr to die. Twitter’s already overtaken the role of sharing non-critical stuff for me.

    I’m not going to be shit-posting a song every day until the 16th anymore. Was a fun idea, but I didn’t expect that my amount of fucks to give would drain out so quickly.

    I will take this moment, though, to remind everyone to vote for what 2019 shorts I should make!

    The first few spots are pretty well locked in, but spots 4, 5, and 6 are still moving about and swapping in and out the top 6. This is how Pai Chan can still win, guys!

    It’s going to take more than the death of Tumblr to stop that vote. I’ll just announce the results on Twitter instead, and my website if it’s ready when that time comes.


    I ran through some of your posts to catch up and noticed the recent tumblr ban upcoming, googled how to delete tumblr account, and decided I should drop my last message of support for your work quickly before your forced move to a new platform. After all, I made an account just to rage at safe mode and support your work. Thanks for your hard work, and tumblr or not, looking forward to more in 2019. Is your planned course of action still to upgrade your personal site and host everything there?

    So far it is. Again, I won’t really have a better sense of how feasible that is until Monday.

    Remember you can always follow me on Twitter!


    Can’t wait for you to spend a ton of time on Dazv whatever and put it into SFM just to realize you’ve made it too complex and SFM can’t handle it. You’re already cutting it close to that anyway

    Oh trust me, DazV5 gets tested at every stage along the way. I am leaving nothing to good fortunes, this time around.

    It works beautifully as it is right now, and it’s not even finished yet.

    It’s going to be a thing of magnificence when it’s done.


    Least if there’s on upside to tumblr fucking itself over, there’s less likely to be the ability to ask anon questions, so the idiots and dickheads coming out of the woodwork can’t just hide behind said anonymity...Though on the other hand I suppose that could take away some of the entertainment value...

    I have aspirations to retain anonymous questions when I upgrade my website.



    You can’t leave well enough alone can you. Always having to redo the same models...while ignoring much older gals that could actually use an overhaul like Kasumi Goto or Tali

    I make models that I like.

    If you have a problem with that, there’s nothing stopping you from making the ones that you like.