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2020-02-05 10:50:24

    Now accepting Bait Requests!

    Why pick me:

    I have several girls with 1k followers each so if your guy doesnโ€™t warm up to one girl, I have more ways to get him.

    I have the right tools to get your baits: instagram, Snap, iMessage etc. all look legit

    I will send proof of pics received from them so that you know you are not getting fake nudes as other blogs do

    I have 100+ successful and happy transactions

    Finally: I know what Iโ€™m doing. Iโ€™m the best at what I do. Iโ€™ve gotten Instagram models, celebrities, church leaders, dads, cops, you name it.


    $10 upfront and $50 once nudes are received.

    Once you send the initial payment, you will receive proof of following and messaging them.

    I used to do payments at the end but too many times clients have gotten their nudes and ran off or I spend time on baits (weeks) only for them not to send and I end up wasting time as I do not get payment. The initial $10 is to protect myself from doing work for free.

    You can go to other blogs that charge less but too many times theyโ€™ll send you nudes of someone else and claim theyโ€™re your bait. Or theyโ€™ll ask for complete payment upfront and then block you.

    I accept Venmo, Cash app, or Amazon gift card.

    Your bait guy does not have to be exposed on the blog if you do not want them to. Ask more for this.

    The first few people who reblog will receive a discount