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2021-07-29 04:17:16

    Pangur doesn’t know about predators. so unburdened. if I let her out alone she’d crawl into a coyotes mouth in the first 5 minutes


    Or be taken by a large ass bird.


    she literally had a hawk try to grab her through a window last year

    what made it funny was it was a young Cooper’s Hawk – they eat mostly songbirds, definitely nothing bigger than a grey squirrel, but young predators will sometime go for outlandish prey as a “learning experience”


    have you ever see a cat so unburdened by knowledge


    wait did you see the update on the mysterious seed packets??

    ....theres an update??

    i never got a response when i emailed my state's USDA director about it last year and then never heard much about them anywhere after that, so i assumed the whole incident just got put away into the USDA APHIS file of 'Agriculture Things That Will Come Up Briefly In Textbooks 10 Years From Now But Otherwise Will Not Come Into The Public Eye Again'. never thought we would get any kind of resolution, to be honest. i'll have to look into it

    three things:

    1. i keep getting people saying that the link in my description is broken. i know that it is but the truth is i cannot remember what its supposed to lead to. like i dont even know what i put in there the last time i edited it a couple months ago. just use your imaginations i guess

    2. i think this is a given but i am not going to monetize this blog with tumblr plus. this is because i think people should be able to view plant related shitposts for free and also people should be able to view plants for free. ive been meaning to make a kofi for years now and still havent gotten around to it, but if i ever do get money from this blog it'll probably be via optional donations through there.

    3. a general good point one of my ex-IT friends brought up yesterday: please think long and hard about if you want tungle dot edu to handle your bank information in any capacity. like the last time i checked the old lazy fanmail patch hack still worked on here and that happened in like 2015. if you want to pay for someone's stuff on here go crazy but just know that i picture tumblr's cybersecurity office to be like 3 boxes of unhooked cables in an empty room in tumblr HQ

    I drove about three hours to a nearby national park, and to be honest, I wasn't all that excited by a bunch of red sandstone that didn't even have lichens growing on it (please don't come for me...). But this random spot in the middle of nowhere on the drive back that probably isn't used for anything beyond grazing? To anyone else it may look like a desolate landscape, but even from a car moving at 70 mph the lichens caught my eye, and upon closer inspection the place was bursting with biodiversity. It had THE MOST lichen-encrusted rocks I've seen in my life! I was also pleased to find another population of the vagrant lichens I study.


    realistically this has no backing but i recall a post on hackernews, someone who used to work IT at tumblr. they mentioned that every single tumblr upload, all the photos vidfeos and other shit, was stored in a single Amazon S3 instance. Which means in theory that someone could wipe all of tumblr out with one delete request.

    david karp dropped the key to the end tumblr button down a subway grate in new york city in 2007 and the only thing staff can do now is occasionally rattle the cage to see if we're still alive