“Isabel, can you take over and supervise Gavin and David again today?”

    “Sure Ms Tay!”

    Young Isabel was the brightest student in class, always scoring straight A’s and never missing a beat. As a result, many teachers had specially selected her to do peer teaching after curriculum hours, and Ms Tay was no exception. She had been supervising the two boys for three weeks and they were already showing some signs of improvement in their academics. She was excited to be given such responsibility, and even keener to see how she had helped the boys at the end of the semester.

    Gavin and David had no complaints about having Isabel tutor them. Who wouldn’t want the belle of the school teaching them? She made even learning about H2 Chemistry enjoyable. Isabel was the eye-candy of most, if not all, of the boys in school. Standing at 155cm and weighing a mere 45kg, she did not have the largest pair of breasts, but her other assets more than made up for that. Her rosy cheeks and the way her lips curved ever so perfectly when she smiled were more than enough to send most boys straight to the toilet for an “immediate-relief” session. She enjoyed sticking her tongue out, which also erected a tent in most men’s pants. Her creamy, silky thighs were toned from hours of training, and her butt was simply superb.

    The day passed in a pretty mundane fashion, except for a small incident where Gavin “accidentally” spilled milo all over Isabel’s shorts after Physical Education lessons.

    “Eww! I’m so wet and sticky now Gavin! Thanks a lot for spilling the milo on me!” Isabel whined innocently, unaware that her choice of words had sent Gavin’s dick straight up.

    “Oh my god, I’m so sorry Isabel! It was an accident!” Gavin said as he reached for her inner thighs with a tissue paper.

    “Yeah right, accident my ass.” Gavin mused in his mind.

    Gavin took the opportunity to brush against Isabel’s thighs as he slid his hand up her legs to wipe the milo. Before Isabel could protest, his hand had nearly found its way dangerously close to her crotch.

    “S- S- Stop! I’ll do it myself Gavin!” Isabel exclaimed in shock, as her hand came down to intercept Gavin’s. Unfortunately, all Isabel succeeded in doing was in driving his hand straight towards her milo-soaked mound.

    Isabel let out a yelp is shock as she quickly slapped Gavin’s hand away from her private parts.

    “Sorry Isabel! I didn’t mean to do that, I only wanted to help you clean up.”

    “I-It’s okay Gavin, thank you for trying. You’re lucky I have an extra pair of underwear because it’s a training day!”

    After the awkward encounter, Isabel scurried off to class to get a change of clothes.

    Gavin’s Point of View:

    The encounter with Isabel had been running through Gavin’s mind, and the amount of sexual tension in his body was through the roof. After feeling up her supple, sticky thighs and rubbing against her pussy, Gavin could no longer contain his sexuality. After hearing about the second pair of panties, Gavin hatched a plan that would come to fruition during recess.

    When everyone in the class had left, Gavin got up from his seat and quietly strolled over to Isabel’s desk, careful not to get spotted by any passers-by. He opened up her lime green Jansport backpack and found what he was looking for. He discretely smuggled the plastic bag from Isabel’s school bag into the handicapped toilet.

    In the toilet, he quickly undid the knot on the bag and he felt his dick start to rise again. The bag contained multiple goodies that Gavin could not wait to savour. The contents of the bag included Isabel’s sweaty PE T-Shirt, her glorious white sports bra, her milo stained white FBTs, and to complete the set, her light pink panties, now with spots of brown from the milo. Gavin undid his pants and immediately stuffed his face in her undergarments. Luckily for Gavin, the milo had only touched the right side of her panties, and the crotch area was stained with a different mixture of fluids. As he dove into the panties, he picked up a scent of pee, sweat, and most importantly, the sweet smell of Isabel’s pussy. He immediately placed the triangular piece of cotton on his erected manhood and started jerking off. In his other hand, he held up Isabel’s white Nike sports bra to his nose and breathed into it, fantasising about Isabel’s cute tits. This sensation drove him over the edge in minutes, as he came hard into the already stained panties. He proceeded to wipe his dick clean with the bra, and stealthily placed the plastic bag back into Isabel’s school bag.

    After School:

    The school bell finally rung and everyone rushed out of class except for three students, Isabel, Gavin and David. This had been the regular routine for three weeks. Isabel would tutor both boys for about an hour and a half after curriculum hours. She always thought of the boys as being a little clumsy, as they would often drop their pens or other stationary on the floor. Sometimes she would have to bend down and pick them up, but other times they would get out of their seat to pick them up. She thought this was strange as it didn’t occur during regular lessons. Innocent Isabel had no idea that the boys had been sneaking peeks at her assets for three weeks in a row.

    “Alright boys, shall we begin? Let’s do some chemistry today!” Isabel cheered excitedly.

    The boys would sit at desks next to each other and Isabel would be stationed in between them for convenience.

    “Covalent bonds are ……” Isabel droned on about the intricacies of Chemistry, leaving Gavin and David bored. David deliberately knocked over his eraser and as Isabel bent down to pick it up her skirt rode up a little bit too much and both boys had a great view of her panty-clad booty.

    “No FBTs!?” Both boys thought simultaneously, they were shocked that Isabel did not wear safety shorts, but Gavin quietly chuckled, as he knew the reason behind her actions today. Fifteen minutes into the session, and both boys still could not focus on the lesson, constantly replaying the scene of Isabel’s tight butt, covered by her innocent white-with-pink stripes panty.

    “Boys! You’re not focusing today, is everything alright?”

    “Yes Isabel, sorry, could you help me pick up my pen?” Gavin requested as he knocked over his pen deliberately.

    Isabel sighed as she bent over once again, with her butt facing Gavin. Gavin could not contain his hormones any longer, and as Isabel bent over, he swung his open hand towards her ass and made contact. He could feel the forced of the spank reverberate through her sexy butt cheeks, back into his arm. Isabel’s squats had certainly been paying off.

    “Ahh! What the hell Gavin??? Did you just slap my ass?!” Isabel exclaimed in surprise. She turned around to give her a piece of her mind but Gavin had other ideas. He was already on his feet, towering over Isabel, smiling from side to side.

    “Isabel, won’t you help us out with some Biology too? I need help understanding this specific part of the human body.” Gavin said, as he started fingering Isabel through her skirt.

    Before Isabel could scream or shout, David had also gotten out of his seat and covered her mouth with his hands.

    “Mmph! Nnggggg!” Isabel moaned as Gavin’s fingers stimulated her clitoris.

    “We won’t hurt you Isabel, as long as you listen to us. After all, you’re here to help us aren’t you?” David coerced.

    Isabel was between both boys now, as David covered her mouth from behind, Gavin started unbuttoning her uniform from the front. Isabel shrieked and struggled but it was to no avail. David was too strong for her, and her screams were muffled and inaudible. Tears streamed down her face as the young girl realised what was happening. Gavin tore off her peach coloured bra, and both boys enjoyed the view of her perky nipples for the first time. He also removed her cute underwear and flung it across the room. Just then, Gavin remembered about the extra pair. He motioned for David to keep her still and quiet, as he retrieved her cum stained panties from her bag. In one swift motion, he lifted David’s hand, and stuffed the milo panties into Isabel’s mouth as a gag.

    “You like the taste of that Isabel? That’s my cum that I’ve been saving for you all week.” Gavin teased.

    It was time for the main event. Both boys undid their pants and their dicks sprung out, making Isabel cringe as she saw real cocks for the first time.

    “Touch it Isabel. Touch it or we’ll start hurting you.” David commanded as he tightened his grip on Isabel as a warning.

    Reluctantly, Isabel extended both of her arms towards the boys’ dicks and gently wrapped them with her fingers. She had no idea how this worked, but she had heard stories from her more sexually active friends. She began to stroke up and down, hoping that if she managed to please them, they would settle for just this. The dicks started to harden in her hands.

    “Wow, David’s dick is so much larger than Gavin’s.” She thought to herself. “Wait no, how could I be thinking of such disgusting things?” she chided herself mentally.

    Gavin was the first to cum, as he quickly positioned himself of Isabel’s pretty face.

    “I’m going to cum on your face Isabel, quick, stroke me faster!”

    Isabel was horrified and she immediately ceased her actions. “Cum on my face? Is he crazy?” she thought as she let loose a few muffled shouts.

    “Oh you little whore! I was so close!” Gavin groaned. He gave Isabel a heavy slap and commanded her to resume.

    “Mmmmph!” Isabel shrieked as the pain shot through her face. She had no choice but to continue and give him his way.

    “Oh yes I’m cumming! Don’t stop you little slut! Daddy’s going to give you his healthy sperms!”

    Isabel closed her eyes as she prepared for the facial, with streams of semen landing all over her face, her hair, and even her mouth. Having cum twice in a day, Gavin was exhausted and he slumped back on his chair, panting.

    After watching this, David decided that a hand job would not be enough. He forced Isabel down on her knees and told her to open her mouth. When she refused, he simply pinched her nose until she was forced to open her mouth to breathe, and took that chance to shove his cock right down her throat. Isabel was gagging now, even more so than before. With such a large dick in her mouth, as well as her panties, she could barely breathe. David planted his hands over Isabel’s head as he violently thrusted his dick back and forth into Isabel’s mouth. The view was simply amazing, watching the prettiest girl in school choke on your dick and precum. Besides, who else would ever have such an opportunity to receive a blowjob with a girl’s panties in her mouth at the same time?

    After a few minutes, he pounded Isabel’s throat one last time, and sent his sperm barrelling down her throat. Isabel was in tears now, but she had begun to feel good. She didn’t know why or how, but she felt good. She collapsed on the floor in her cum gooey uniform, covered by sweat, cum and saliva. At least it was over, she thought as she spit out her panties from her mouth. But she thought wrong. David was already up and ready for the second round. He mercilessly flipped Isabel onto all fours, and assumed the doggy position. Isabel struggled of course, but a 45kg girl against a 180cm, 90kg male? There was simply no competition.

    “Please David! I’m a virgin, don’t do this to me!” Isabel cried out.

    “Ahhhhhhhh! Stop! P-P-Please! It hurts!”

    David ignored all the screams, and in one smooth motion, plunged his tool straight into Isabel’s pink pussy. He popped her cherry, and a little bit of blood started leaking for Isabel’s cunt. David continued ramming his dick into her hole, but it was incredibly tight, even for a virgin. In fact, it felt like he cock was being devoured. Every time he tried to pull out, the vacuum of her pussy sucked him back in. David watched as the flaps of Isabel’s skirt rocked back and forth with her body. Her blouse was so soaked that it stuck to her body.

    Though it was painful at first, Isabel now felt pleasure. As David’s cock rammed into her, she began to crave the sensation. She let out sensual moans of pleasure, she felt she was close.

    “David stop! I need to pee, please don’t do this to me! I really need to pee mmmpgh!”

    Her pleas were cut short by the addition of Gavin’s recharged dick into her mouth. Being penetrated on both ends, Isabel felt even more pleasure, as she released the urge she had been trying to hold back. She came all over David’s dick, but he did not stop. Isabel must have had at least 6 orgasms in that hour of teaching.

    “I’m going to cum in your pussy Isabel, I want you to feel my warmth in you.” David muttered.

    “Please no! I’m begging you, anywhere else but inside! I don’t want this David, I don’t want to get pregnant!” Isabel begged.

    David grunted and with one last explosive thrust, buried his dick as deep as he could into Isabel and he came hard into her pussy. Gavin who had been watching, also came into her mouth, choking Isabel.

    The two boys were done for the day, as they wiped themselves clean on Isabel’s body and uniform.

    “I’ll be taking these, Isabel.” Gavin chuckled as he stuffed both pairs of panties and her bra into his bag.

    Isabel did not respond, she was completely exhausted. She lay on the floor, almost lifeless, soaked in both boys fluids, still in her uniform. Her expression was one of pleasure however, and this made a pretty picture. The boys snapped shots of the used girl and quickly left. Isabel was left alone in the classroom as she eventually picked herself up and buttoned up her blouse. She was too tired to care about the stares she would get, and she made her way home, with David’s cum still leaking from her pussy, and Gavin’s cum in her hair. Who knows if she got raped on her way home? Then again, she probably wouldn’t mind.

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