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    Here’s to the fanfic writers who can only write sporadically.

    Here’s the writers who can’t output enough to keep up with the most popular writers.

    Here’s to the writers writing even though they get no feedback.

    Here’s to the writers who somehow manage to scrape together a little inspiration and a lot of hard work to write that story they know nearly no one will read.

    Here’s to the creators who keep going even when it’ feels like screaming into an empty void.

    You’re inspiration, and I don’t know how you do it.


    the worst part about reading ancient roman philosophy is that sometimes you’ll read something expressly saying that people shouldn’t do something that you do frequently and it’s like diogenes threw a plucked chicken at you from 2000 years ago



    marcus aurelius just fuckin @ me next time




    I’m sorry there’s something so funny about people trying to justify excluding [insert identity] people from LGBT spaces on the grounds that “it’s not lesbian gay bi or trans therefore it’s not LGBT” like that’s some kind of clever gotcha and not, like, an embarrassing admission that they’re incapable of thinking beyond the most literal possible interpretation of an initialism in favor of any kind of coalition building 


    do you experience sexuality and/or gender in a way that makes white capitalist heteropatriarchy angry? cool, you’re family! 


    idk idk I just, PERSONALLY, cannot imagine someone expressing that they, too, feel alienated and possibly even victimized by cishet society and thinking “I need to grill this person and make them prove it” rather than, like, “huzzah, another ally.” could not be me!


    a fat person says ‘i want to live my life without ridicule’ and for some people, the answer is ‘no’ and that will never make sense to me.


    it should be noted that ‘i want to live my life without ridicule’ is a statement that needs no answer, yet people still won’t leave it alone and truly think fat people DESERVE ridicule.


    also much as i hate to mention the solo movie when chewie introduced han to the wookie they found in the mines his first reaction was to pat hans head like you would when you meet a new dog


    To further the analogy of Han is the Dog, According to various canon sources, a Standard Human in the Star Wars universe has a life expectancy of roughly 100-120 years. A Wookie has a life expectancy of around 400 years. So, caring for Han for Han’s whole life is a commitment of less than a quarter of Chewie’s life. It’s like having a dog that lives to 20-22. A long term companion, but one you know you’re probably going to outlive.


    When they kill your dog



    Anyways, y’all better start saving your fave fanfics and fanart under the Disney labels cause it looks like they’re trying to curb fair use/fanworks and I’m sure there’s going to be mass panicked deletions even though it’s probably unnecessary cause AO3′s legal team will fight for us.


    You know that 400K yall were so fucking mad about OTW raising? Yeah, its gonna pay for the travel expenses and court costs that the legal team at AO3/OTW when they protect your shit from getting C&Ded. DO NOT DELETE YOUR STUFF! IF YOU GET CONTACTED BY DISNEY - GO TO THE ORGANIZATION OF TRANSFORMATIVE WORKS , CONTACT THEIR LEGAL ADVOCACY DEPARTMENT! ASK FOR HELP!! THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE IS *WHY* *THEY* *EXIST*


    Note that Disney would have one Hell of a time serving C&Ds to authors at AO3 - because there is no “contact author” option other than leaving a comment.

    They’d have to contact the SITE, which is to say, the Organization for Transformative Works, to deliver a C&D order or a DMCA takedown order.

    And the OTW is not going to remove fics because someone sent a letter that says “actually those characters belong to me and you can’t use them that way.” The OTW was created to FIGHT that kind of claim. They are ready. 

    Don’t delete your fics out of fear. WE OWN THE SERVERS. They can’t threaten the hosts into deleting anything.

    And if Disney thought they had a strong legal case against fanfic, they’d’ve shut down the archive a decade ago, when it was penniless and unknown, instead of waiting until it had won several battles in Congress and got worldwide acclaim for a Hugo Award.


    This is important!


    This is why we say you aren’t allowed Patreon and Ko-Fi links on AO3. Because it gives these parasites their legal back door to fuck your shit up.


    Reblogging it for that last point. We can do this because it’s free. Don’t be an asshole and have the fact that you are charging people to write about another organization’s intellectual property out in the open because you can ruin it for everybody.


    This mostly good stuff but writers should be able to get support via Patreon and Ko-fi just as much as other artists, many of which do fanworks too and “charge people to draw another org’s IP.”

    You can pay artists to draw your fandom pairings. You can donate to these artists to help them create more content.

    You need to be able to do the same for writers and a writer asking for the same respect as a visual artist is not an asshole move. The answer is to build ways to accommodate it, not shut it down.


    Nobody is saying you can’t set up your own book kiosk and sell your stuff. We’re saying you can’t set up your book kiosk at the library, because if you do, the library will be in violation of its contract with the government and then the library, and everything in it, including your little book kiosk, will get shut down.

    Selling unlicensed fanwork is technically illegal. Big companies won’t usually bother to target individual fanwriters or fanartists for copyright infringement. But they absolutely will target the biggest fic hosting website in the world. AO3 has to follow the letter of the law in this regard, or it will get shut down.

    Sell all the illegal unlicensed fanwork you can get away with! That is your choice. You’ll probably get away with it if you stay under the radar. Just don’t do it on AO3. AO3 doesn’t have the luxury of staying under the radar.