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The captions are 99% fictional, if not delusional, and are meant to inspire or entertain you. NONE OF THE PHOTOS OR VIDEOS ARE OF ME, other than my Levi's 501's crotch-shot Avatar pic. My blog champions the acts and enjoyment of male masturbation, frottage, and mutual masturbation among friendly men, as a sexual preference... Featuring amateur, as well as iconic images of natural, intact, unshaven, well-hung men of all ages (18+), and videos of horny guys playing with their own cocks, and mutually with their horny friends... Expect "quality" over "quantity". Not just another boring pretty-faced/butt-fuck blog... Click on my Archive, and find some great male masturbation pics and videos. My aesthetic seems to be working for over 81,000+ Tumblr Followers and many more that keep it bookmarked. Doing my best, daily, to bring an end to the horrid malpractice of infant circumcision, and the scourge of the pube-shaving fad! ActionBuddy likes: Cock-proud men, foreskins, full-on frottage, unshaven bush, precum, facials, mutual masturbation, and circle jerks. My blog is about sharing powerful male sexual energy, without degrading one another, or "hiding the sausage"... But, I also appreciate hot butts! Also, I post things that make me laugh, or awestruck, and often write tongue-in-cheek captions for them. Expect social commentary. Bi-sexual?... Yes, I like both men AND lads... (18 y.o. and up!)... Young to mature, smooth to hairy, lean to beefy... it's all good on my couch. Intact and unshaven is what appeals to me the most. All races and "types" appreciated, so, if you are a bigot, go elsewhere! I post sexy pics and videos of men of all types, races, ages, and sizes, in the act of enjoying their awesome cocks, or each others', mutually as friends, and in groups. Hot sex is about joy, not derogation. Seeking out non-commercial, amateur videos and pics of men and lads jacking off together, real life dad and son, brother and brother, uncle and nephew videos, and non-anal male-on-male bukkake. I prefer natural, unshaven guys that just like to show off, and don't give a fuck what their hair looks like when they are jackin' their meat. Outdoor or public scenes, and real-life messy bedrooms are way more appealing to me than fancy, tidy, interior decorator abodes preferred by the gay porn industry. I believe that "flawlessness" is overrated, and perfectionism is a mental illness!... Think about it. On that line, I'm not much into Porn Stars, especially with their overly-coiffed hair and sadly, missing pubes. Those fake, pouty-lipped, come-hither, perfectly unattainable model pics that you see 1,000's of reblogged every day, bore me to death. I'll rarely watch or reblog the typical porn industry "top and bottom" flicks with endless butt-fuck scenes mired by ridiculous amounts of phony moaning and dialog. Those "gay-for-pay, "thugs", and fake "broke-straight-guys" genres, are kinda a yawn these days, but, will reblog some if they get me hard. Large, uncut, unshaven cocks grab my attention first... Can't deny that!.... I prefer mutual masturbation, and frottage, WAY more than penetrative sex. Seeking images and videos of men masturbating with each other, and rubbing their cocks on each other, more than oral and anal sex. I'm especially interested in guys that have fun, proudly showing off their cocks, and masturbation techniques, unhurried, with buddies, or on their webcams. Cam2cam is a great thing... It's a new Sexual Revolution!... Nobel Peace Prize for the inventors of the Webcam! My posts and reblogs will reflect my preference for imaginative, free-will, QUALITY, amateur smut. Only interested in consensual sexual material. You are welcome to send me messages, pics, and videos here or via email at : actionbuddy@gmail.com Please, only submit your own, personal, pics!... Natural, intact, unshaven cocks preferred!... I no longer publish submitted dick pics with shaved crotches... I will make NO apologies about that!... Grow 'em back, and try again, later... As an anti-circumcision activist, I also have very little interest in submitted pics of 'cut' cocks. I hope my Tumblr makes your cock hard, and my comments make you chuckle, or say "Ah-men!"! ActionBuddy

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