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    I had fallen asleep. My ass was sore. My legs were sore. I’m pretty sure I had hickeys and bite marks all over my neck and shoulders, all over my chest, around my nipples specifically, along my inner thighs, and a few hand prints too around my calves where he gripped me tight as he pile drove into me, hard, deep, rough, and merciless. My hole was spread open, and I’m sure I was still leaking his rich potent load of cum - one of many that he fucked deep into my guts for the past hour.

    He watched me doze off, watched with a smirk on his face and he held up my phone as he took a few pictures.

    I didn’t know this until later, of course. But he snapped at least two dozen photos from various angles. Then he sent all those pictures to my girlfriend. One of the pictures was of him shooting a V sign, the follow up to that is of him pointing to his cock and then the following picture of him pointing to my ass. The text under this series of pictures, Fucked that big fat juicy ass apart. He’s mine now.

    My horny roommate then climbed back into the bed as he slipped up behind me. He grabbed my ass, squeezed it, groped it, smacked it softly then ground his heavy thick fat cock between my cheeks and lay across my back,whispering into my ear.

    “Wake up, baby...I’m ready to go for another round...” He nipped and licked along my earlobe, “I wanna fuck your sweet ass as many times as possible tonight... I’ll make you mine.”

    A Not So Holy Proposition

    “Oh fuck. Oooh fuck. Ooh, God, yes. Eat that fucking hole. Hnnffff. Oooh.”

    SLAP! He smacked my ass, hard, it stung. But, it stung so good. I cringed and gripped the cushions, biting my lower lip.

    “Like that, don’t you faggot? Like when I’m rough with you?” His voice was dark, primal, growling at me as he spat on my twitching fluttering hole, ground his slick wet large thick tongue across it and ground his thick full lips all over my needy pink entrance.

    “Oh, fuck, yes. Hnff, make this fag sinner your bitch. Hah, punish me for being such a dirty bitch...”

    His cock throbbed hard, sticking out of the fly of his slacks; angrily pulsing at a solid nine and a half, almost ten solid inches with a mean curve and big visible veins.

    This wasn’t a Grindr hookup. This was a holy man. Or, well, a wannabe holy man. Yet there he was, slobbering, drooling on, and spitting on my hole, lashing at it with his slick thick tongue, gripping my ass so tight it almost hurt.

    Our first encounter wasn’t what I would call ideal. I had a date that night, one that I personally wasn’t particularly excited about. See, my friend had a tendency to try to mettle in my affairs, and by that I mean he kept trying to hook me up with girls he knows, single girls, and I’m not complaining. They were very attractive. But, there was just something about them; or should I say, there was something that was lacking that made them unappealing to me, or at least not have any interest in being with them. They were very nice girls, not going to insult them. But I just didn’t see myself in a relationship with any of them.

    But, this was just another attempt by my friend (Alex) to hook me up with another hot girl.

    So, I had a blind date planned for the evening - and I had a few hours to go and I decided to take a shower.

    I had just stepped out of the shower, had wrapped a towel around my waist, when the doorbell caught my attention. Perhaps it was because I was so distracted, I didn’t think twice about walking out of the bathroom, still dripping water with each step, the towel hanging off my hips, barely being held up by hopes and dreams, and I opened the door.

    There he stood. A dark chocolate man with pearly white teeth, full thick lips, a distinguished nose and perky ears. He was dressed in white and black and was holding a book in his hand, and a satchel hung from his shoulder; I could only imagine the satchel was filled with pamphlets. The man standing outside of my door was a Jehova’s Witness.

    As soon as his eyes fell upon my naked figure, his smile somewhat faltered then widened a bit. “Hello. My name is Jamal and I am here spreading the good word....Uh, have I caught you at a bad time?”

    “Uh, well I’m naked. So I would say so. Uh, come in, come in. I don’t want you standing outside my door. I’ll go get dressed, but I guess you can tell me about whatever it is you gotta tell me.”

    “What’s your name, sir?” He asked politely as I let him inside and shut the door behind him.

    “Casey,” I walked ahead. The man’s eyes roaming over me. I could almost feel them run over my naked, glistening, well toned body. I wasn’t muscular like some of my friends, I wasn’t jacked that is. I had some muscle, it was visible. But, it wasn’t shredded muscle. I looked pretty good. And the man was getting an eyeful of it all.

    “My living room is right over here, if you want to sit down and tell me about what you wanted to tell me. I’ll be in my room, over there, the door’s open so I’ll be able to hear you.”

    The man nodded and sat down as he began to fumble with his books, watching my naked jock frame as I walked across the room and into my own bedroom, though I never closed the door, that way I could hear whatever he had to say.

    “Well, uh, I’m here to spread the good news of Jehova,” He started speaking, sitting down as he attempted to rummage through the Bible for a specific Bible passage.

    I walked into the room. I had thrown on a simple outfit, nothing spectacular. “Yeah, look, I let you in mostly cause I didn’t want to have you standing at my doorstep while I was naked. But, I’m not interested in religion. Most religions aren’t very interested in me either.”

    “Huh? What do you mean?” He seemed confused, he shut the Bible and sat it on his lap, his eyes trailing over me.

    “I’m gay, bro. Heh, not a single religion paints that as a positive and instead sees me as some sinful abomination in the eyes of whatever God you wanna believe in. So, I rather just not be involved with any of that.”

    He seemed at a loss for words, looking me over as I shrugged.

    I was gay, and I had a blind date with a hot chick that my friend hooked me up with, that to be honest, I wasn’t interested in going on a date with. Now, here in my living room, was a Bible carrying zealot trying to save my eternal soul. It’s as if the universe’s sense of humor knew no bounds.

    “C...come over here, and tell me uh, about when did you figure out you were...uh...”

    “Gay?” I wandered over, may as well humor the guy. He, at least, didn’t immediately start cursing him or calling him a faggot or an abomination. He was behaving like a normal human being.

    “Yeah, that.” He nodded as he looked me over.

    “Hm, about when I was seventeen. I noticed I didn’t obsess over girls. All my friends did, but not me.”

    “Why are you... homosexual?”

    “I don’t know. I never really questioned why. I just am. I like guys. I’m not into girls. Dick is just far more fun.” I shrugged, not caring at this rate. Normally, I didn’t talk like that, but I didn’t really care for religious zealots knocking on my door.

    “You’ve...done things with men before?” He stared at me, fidgeting in his seat.

    “A lot, actually. Why? Did you want me to tell you in detail?” He was getting hard, I could tell; his pants weren’t exactly good at concealing the throbbing erection sprouting between his thighs.

    “That..that’s sinful.” He attempted to speak and I shrugged and walked over. “I’m not a believer. So I don’t really care. So, tell me...do you want me to spill all the dirty details or...”

    “...T..tell me....” He looked at me.

    “Heh, you’re a dirty perv...I like that. You’re kind of cute too. Wanna fuck around with me? You look like you’d be more fun than the date I got set up with...”

    “W..what do I do?” The man looked me over.

    “Oh, there’s plenty we can do...” I ran my tongue across my lips, “Tell me...how do you feel about eating ass? With the way you stared at mine...I’m pretty sure that you’re eager to try.”

    (This story was something I was asked to write based on a specific image from my list of story muse GIFs. I believe this is based around Gif image 26C. Hope you like the story.)


    Hey, bro...about time you got home...You like what you see? Come over and give me a good spank...Come on, I’ve earned it...Please? Hehe, thanks. Oooh fuck. Yes, slap that ass again. Spank your naughty big bro...Ah, I’m such a perv...Love getting my big fat ass smacked by my cute brother.... Hm? You wanna punch your V Card today? Well, you did turn nineteen yesterday....I guess this can be your birthday gift....I’ll be your gift.


    Hey am a massive fan of your work and stories but every consider doing an Mpreg story where a guy can be knocked up by another guy?

    I've read a few of them here on Tumblr. Usually consisting of an alpha male type frat or jock boy, a big alpha dominant top, a daddy type, with enough sex appeal and raw testosterone that women and even men cannot help but yearn for him to breed them full. Usually those men are cocky, dripping with confidence, because they know they can have anyone begging them to use them and breed them full of babies. Not really into MPreg myself but some of those stories were pretty well written because they were very sensual; the dominant man was determined to knock the bottom up. I guess if I find some good images I could consider writing some.


    I do this every time my hubby is getting home. This is how he finds me. Ready and eager to serve. I do this because my big bro properly trained me. His name is Dylan. Mine is Brit, short for Brittney. I learned quickly to call him Sir or Sir Dylan. He wouldn't let me call him Master because I didn't belong to him; not like he wasn't tempted to keep me for himself, but more on that later.

    Sir Dylan said one day, "Look, little bro. I know you're a fag. Don't frown. Look at me. Now. Good boy. I'm not upset. I'm not like Dad. I want you to know, I don't care. I love you unconditionally. And I want to help you. I want to see you happy and a fag is happiest when he's owned by a man, a real man. So, to that effect, I'm going to train you, build you up. You won't just be born to take dick, you'll be built for it. Your body and mind will exist for the purpose of pleasing your man, whoever that will be. But, I get to give approval on him. If he doesn't pass my test, he isn't worthy of you. Understand?"

    I was surprised when he said all this but I nodded and said, "Ye.. Yeah. I mean. Yes, Sir."

    That got a big smile. That smile made me happy since I had pleased him, I made him, a man, happy with my obedience, knowing my place.

    "Good boy, you catch on fast. I didn't even have to teach you that. Men want their boy to call them Sir, Daddy if they're kinky, or Master. Don't call me Master. You're not mine. Sir will do."

    What followed was an intensive training regiment, mixing physical training, exercise, as well as mental retraining. It was through this retraining that I learned something vital: I wasn't equal to a real man. I was not even equal to a woman.

    Real Men are at the top of the hierarchy. They're the Alpha.

    Beneath them are the Omega, still dominant but a strong Alpha can make an Omega his bitch.

    Then there's the Omega Bitch. The woman. She has her uses. She brings him pleasure but also carries his seed and creates his babies.

    Then there's me, the bottom, the beta, the faggot. Now, I may technically be a man, I do have all the anatomical features of a man. But I exist to serve and bring pleasure to real men, Alpha and Omega alike. I may build my body up, as I was doing, gain muscle and look like a passable Omega. But, I'll just be a big muscle pussy for real men to fuck.

    That was a big part of my training. Learning my place. Then I learned how to please a man, non-sexually and sexually.

    Cooking, cleaning, laundry, massages, he taught me how to do all that. He taught me how to properly greet him at the door, on my knees, head bowed down. He taught me how to kiss, how to enjoy the scent of his sweat, his musk, his underarms. He taught me how to dance, to grind and shake my ass on his lap. He taught me how to suck dick using a variety of dildos. He taught me how to take it, using dildos.

    By the time the training was done, I was able to ride the largest thickest longest dildo deep and hard and with eager slutty hunger, panting and moaning and begging for my imaginary partner to load my jock pussy up. I had gained a good amount of muscle too, my thighs were strong and thick and my ass was fat and round and juicy.

    Once he deemed me ready, he took me out to a club, a club he knew about, a club where he told me he would help me find the perfect man to make me his.

    Ultimately, he settled on one man; an attractive stud that also happened to be his best friend on the football team, and wrestling team. We were married some time later, the wedding was small and private, my brother was there. He was so proud.

    Now, I’m a good domesticated housejock. And my hubby finds me waiting, on my knees at the front door, and in his bed after he’s done eating, when its time for bed. Ass up, thighs spread, wrists clasped behind my back, head laid down, presenting properly.

    “That is such a beautiful sight, baby...” He slapped each of my cheeks nice and firm. “I’m going to destroy you tonight again...Have you howling and moaning and letting the neighbors know the nasty things I’m doing to you...heh, make them jealous, baby. Make them jealous.”


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    That’s Carter. He’s my brother’s best friend. He acts big and tough, loud and crude, but whenever my brother’s around, he’s surprisingly much nicer to me. As soon as he isn’t around? Well, today was one example of those times. My bro told me that he had to go in to work for a few hours and Carter would be hanging out at the pool in the meantime. I was a bit nervous at first but I nodded and he left and I was left alone with Carter.

    He didn’t really bother me. At first.

    Then he stepped up to me, as I was laying on my back on my lounger. “Hey. My bro told me that you’re a fag. That true?”

    My face went bright red and I looked away, “None of your fuckin business.”

    “Just tell me if it’s true or not. If you are, you want...want to fool around?”

    My neck almost broke with how fast I looked over at him. He was standing over me, I could see those strong thick thighs and legs and the way his shorts clung to him.

    “Y..yeah, I am. I’m a fag.”

    “Good. Now get on your knees like a good faggot...I’ve been aching for a throat to flood with my nut since my bitch of a girlfriend cheated on me with Taylor from the fucking lacrosse team. And gay dudes suck better,or so that’s what my bro told me. I won’t be nice about it, so you’re being warned now. I don’t care if you gag, if you choke. I’m using that throat to get my nut. Got it? Good. Let’s go, fag, my dick won’t suck itself.”


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    It’s about time you got home, bro. Come on, you promised me a good deep fuck this morning before you got called out to do mandatory OT at work. You owe me a few loads deep in me. Heh, did Karen piss you off at work today? Good. Pound your anger into my hole. Punish me in her place. Come on, come on, I need it bad.


    Young conservative Dom in the making.


    This was me. This was around the 2020 election. I had worn the exact same suit and the exact same hat during the 2016 election, the election that Trump won, by a landslide, if you didn't count all the illegal votes those Democrats got through fraud... At least that's what I believed then. My entire life, my identity was rooted in the fact that Donald J. Trump was the best and will be the best President of all time. I went door to door, I campaigned, I printed flyers, I called people. I did everything in my power to get that vote and lo and behold, Trump won in 2016.

    Eat it, Snowflakes, that's what I said, shouted, sang, danced, and fucking beat off too. I blew a load, or two or three, all over the faces of pretty blonde All American Trump Supporting bitches who wanted Trump to grab them by the pussy; well, I had the honor of doing it for him.

    I believed in everything that was being told to me. Illegals were ruining the country. Democrats wanna take away our guns and Bibles and spread the homosexual agenda and recruit more men into their leftist snowflake fold.

    Then 2020 happened. Corona happened. Trump's popularity began to plummet precipitously. Then 2021 happened. That had been the final nail in the coffin of Trump's political career.

    I was crushed.

    It all came to a boiling point as I started noticing more gays, more Muslims, immigrants in the places that I used to dominate, that used to be my territory, all white man's land.

    One of those places was my favorite bar, Duke's Bar.

    I was seated at the bar. The actual bar counter was, for the most part deserted. And I had a half empty beer in front of me. I didn't even want to drink it anymore.

    A pair of voices caught my attention. "We'll take two waters."

    I peered over. A look of disgust crossed my face

    “You got a problem?” One of the two men, the younger of the two, looked over at me.

    His eyes are dark, as is his beard and his hair; his eyebrows are full and thick. His neck is strong and his shoulders are broad. His chest is well toned, muscular, and his upper body is clad in a tight shirt with short sleeves which are stretched around his thick biceps. His forearms are hairy.


    “Yeah, I got a problem,” I was pissed. These fucking people were showing up at my place, at my bar. As if they were rubbing it in my face that I had lost. “Your kind isn’t welcome in this bar. Get out.”

    For a moment, the man appeared mildly confused, “My kind?”

    “You heard me, your kind!” I almost threw my beer at his face, standing up from my seat.

    He stood up. He was taller than me. I didn’t care. I glared at him.

    “Fucking sand ni-”

    “HEY! Not in my bar. Drink your beer and get out.” Duke stood behind the counter; he glared over at me and I scoffed and walked out.

    Outside, the sky had grown dark. There were dark and purple thunderheads above. The air was chock full of static electricity and the breeze had begun to pick up. A cool chill raced up my spine as I stepped out of the bar.

    The two men stepped out. They had decided to leave the bar and they saw me.

    “Hey.” The younger one called over.

    I tried to ignore him.

    “Hey. We got off on the wrong foot. How about we get you a beer?”

    I scoffed and looked away, “I don’t want your fuckin beer.”

    “Come on. We know a place where you can get some good wings and some cold beers. It’s on us. Think of it this way. Free beer.”

    I grunted and peered over at him then walked over, “Fine, lead the way.”


    The bar that they took me to was relatively normal. There were white people hanging around. They were seated around on tables and booths.

    “The name’s Hassan. My friend here is named Dalil,” the young bearded man introduced himself. “This place is very special to us. It was the first place...we were accepted in when we arrived here. We got here legally.”

    I grunt, “Where’s that beer you promised?” I sat there, seething quietly.

    “Oh, don’t worry, I didn’t forget. I’ll go get you a few; the owner owes me a few favors. I’ll use a few of them to get you a few cold ones on the house.” The young handsome man walked over to the bar as I sat there, watching, quietly.

    Hassan walked back over. He had several bottles in his arms, and he set them down on the table, “Grab one, go ahead.” He motioned to them.

    I looked at the bottles. They weren’t any brands that I knew. In fact, the bottles lacked branding in general. But they were covered in condensation, cold, and I picked one up and opened the bottle.

    Without thinking, without asking, I took the bottle up and brought it up to my lips and took a deep chug. A mouthful of beer filled my lips and I swallowed it. It tasted...different. It had a soft spice to it in the background. It was good. Really good. I took another mouthful, and another and another, soon that whole bottle was empty and I had drank the whole thing.

    “Go ahead, have another one. They’re free.” The handsome man smiled.


    Handsome? Tsk. The fuck...

    I picked up another bottle. Popped it open. Angrily chugged it down.

    Wait. What the fuck...

    My hand. What happened to my hand? My skin, it had changed color? Was that my vision? Was the beer that strong? No. The color of my skin was changing, right before my eyes.

    I felt sick. My stomach gurgled and I stood up. “W...what did you slip into my beer?” I gag and stagger across the room toward the bathroom. I sway on my feet, stumbling until I fall into the restroom.

    I felt hot. My entire body felt as if it were burning up. My chest ached. I was having a hard time breathing. It felt as if my eyes were burning up from the inside.

    O..Oh God. Oh god, am I dying? Did they poison me? Is this how I die? Poisoned by a couple of...Oh...OH GOD.

    The pain surged. I slumped to my knees as I gripped my stomach and groaned in agony.

    What was happening to me? I looked at my hands. My fingers changed, my hands changed, my skin changed. It got darker, richer. What? Was I having some kind of reaction to the beer?

    Oh, FUCK. I cried out and slumped over, as the skin of my forearms, my biceps, my chest, neck, shoulders, face, it all began to change. My body’s anatomical features changed; my face, my ears, the position and shape of my eyes, my lips grew thick and full, a beard began to grow along my jaw and my face. My clothes felt baggy then suddenly tight.

    I peeled out of it, tossing it aside as I saw the changes continue. Oh god, oh God. Oh Allah. I stopped, looking at my hands. Allah? What?


    I looked to the mirror. Who was that...was that me? It looked nothing like me. I looked like... One of them.

    “There. Are you feeling alright?” The tall muscular man walked over to me, his arms crossed at his chest. What was his name again?

    “Who are you...”

    “Oh, you forgot me already? How cruel.” The man frowned, a teasing look to his face. “It’s me...Your lover. Hassan. Don’t you remember, Amir?” He stroked my cheek gently.

    What...my lover? Amir? I looked at my reflection again, sweaty, panting, rich skin and dark hair and dark eyes. That was my name? Yes, my name was Amir...At least...I assume that is what it was...

    “Come, let us get you some fresh clean clothes. You can’t walk around in this nonsense...Come with me to my house. Dalil, come with us. Dalil loves to play with you too, remember? You always squeal so cutely when you get on his lap....” Hassan grinned darkly as he wrapped an arm around my shoulders and began to head out of the bathroom, leading me along.

    I looked back once more, for a final time. I looked at my dark eyes in the mirror. Amir. That was my name. A gay Muslim man with two boyfriends...Dalil and Hassan had their hands on my ass, giving each cheek a firm squeeze. And I loved it.




    No offense, girl. But, why do you think your man comes over to my dorm room every other Friday after telling you that he’s gonna go hang with his homies? This is why. Because of this. All this, right here. Well, OK. That’s not the only reason. The other reason is because I know how to please a man. He’s a simple creature; he likes his dick sucked, his balls played with, his ass eaten, his cum swallowed, and then I make him a sandwich and bring him a beer. Or he fucks me into the mattress for as long as his cock stays hard, and unlike you, I let him hit it raw, rough, deep, and often. I think I lost count of how many loads he lost in me. If I was a chick, I definitely would have been pregnant by now. Oh, he sent me a text. He’s on his way to my room. Oh, and he’s bringing his homeboy, Jamal with him. Oh my pussy is gonna get a damn good workout tonight.... Wanna come watch?


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    Oh god oh God oh GOD FUCK!

    His tongue worked its way into me. A slick sloppy thick drooling tongue. His full lips latched onto my fluttering hole. His nose ground between my fat jock cheeks. He gripped my hips tight. His fingers digging into the flesh on my hips. It hurt a little how tight he gripped me but it hurt so good.

    He was huffing and puffing, slurping, grunting, snorting like a pig. His eyes fluttering as he tongue punched my hole again and again, dug his way in, swirled his tongue around then slipped it out to slap that tongue muscle around my jock hole. He spat on it then dug in again.

    "Hnnfffuck dis is one dasty puthy." He grumbled. His words slurred, sounding drunk. But I knew what he was saying. (Ohfuck this is one tasty pussy.)

    Slap! He smacked my ass. I gasped, shivered. He loves that response. Slap SLAP! He slaps my ass again, twice. Once on each cheek.

    "B... Bro.. Maybe.. Maybe we shouldn't... Do this..." I tried to argue. Again. My body craved this pleasure. But my mind fought against it.

    He pulled away and groped my ass.

    "Why? Why shouldn't we?" He growled at me. He sat up. His cock jutted out nine inches from his crotch of dark hair. Uncut. Throbbing. Veiny. The thing looked fat and the tip drooled precum in messy slimy strings.

    "I.. I'm not... I'm not gay, bro..." I whined. I wanted this not to go where I feared this was going. My body felt too good. But, I wasn't queer. I wasn't into men.

    "So the fuck what? I am. Don't worry... You'll love it... You know how many straight guys I broke into panting cock starved faggots for me...? How many jocks are under my thumb? Heh..."

    He was joking... Right?

    Apparently, he read the disbelief on my face. "Heh. Ok. You know Rory? The wrestling team Captain?" He purred at me. He licked his chops as if he were growing starved remembering.


    Of course, I know Rory. He's the guy that got me into the team. He was an arrogant and loudmouthed jock. He was always seen with a hot cheerleader on his arm, smacking the girls on the ass when they walked by and wink and all they did was giggle and smile and blush and wave as they walked away.

    He bragged a lot about fucking the hottest bitches in school.

    "He's my little flexing muscle slut now..." He whispered into my ear as if he were telling me a secret despite us being alone in the room.

    Holy shit, really? I looked back over my shoulder at him, he grinned with pride.

    “Hm, I made that little muscle bitch all mine last summer. A few drinks at a bar, some porn, a chance to beat off with his best bro, and an offer to suck his dick later and he’s panting and squealing as I eat his jock ass and finger fucking him until he busted two loads all over his stomach, some of the shots went as far as his chest and neck. Ooh I made him blow like Old Faithful. Ever since then I trained him in the art of being a proper jock muscle slut stud...Hm, I finally took his ass a month ago. He squealed and cried but never told me to stop. In fact, he told me to go deeper.” He ran his tongue across his lips.

    “F..fucking Hell, bro...” I moaned as he groped my ass, squeezed the thick cheeks and slapped them again, SMACK SMACK. “You said that you’ve got others...who else is there?”

    “Hehe, how about this... You be a good bitch...do as you’re told... and I’ll tell you each and every nasty detail on how I broke each and every single straight bro that I fuck on a weekly basis.... how’s that sound? Yeah? Good. For now, let me eat this sweet jock pussy deep, make you nut without once touching your dick. Let’s see how many times I can get you off before you’re begging me to pound this sweet ass to pieces...”

    Spoiler Alert, the answer was four times. He managed to tongue fuck four loads out of me before I finally broke and begged him to dig me out. Apparently, I lasted the longest out of all the straight boys he’s taken. I was proud of that.


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    "This is so embarrassing, dude..."

    I was on a video call. My face as red as the silky lingerie I had on. It felt good. I'm not gonna lie. It felt really good. It hugged my hips and ass and cupped my junk nicely. The thigh highs held up by those little garter suspenders. It was just so embarrassing.

    "It looks amazing on you, bro..."


    I was on a call with my roommate, who was also my boyfriend - though no one knew that yet. As far as everyone was concerned both of us were straight.

    “Fuck, that’s so hot. Got my dick hard as a motherfucker,” He groaned and stuffed his hand in his shorts, tugging his fat heavy prick, with which I was very familiar. Oh, that meaty heavy black cock was one of the parts of his body I was most familiar with. I was well acquainted with all of him, from his big size fifteen feet, to those thick strong calves and thighs, to his juicy fat ass and his strong biceps and his strong neck and beautiful full lips and that goddamn long large thick tongue muscle that he could use to get me to nut without once touching my dick - the guy could tongue punch my cum button so good that he can get me off with just that tongue. It was glorious.

    But that dick. Oh, that fucking cock. Ten fat uncut glorious inches of male brutality. The thing was fat and heavy and had several fat veins that got engorged with blood whenever he threw wood. His balls were heavy, hung low, and were the size of two big Kiwi within their hot sack. All in all, I had kissed, licked, sucked, drooled on and spat on every single inch of that motherfucker of his. He has even managed to force feed a good eight inches of it down my throat; the deepest I’ve gone was about nine, but that took a lot of work, drool, throat slime, and determination. That last inch is what gets me. I am desperate to take that last inch. But it is impossible. I always feel like if I’m going to black out from lack of oxygen ever time I try.

    “Oh? Did you want to come in here and rail my jock ass good and deep in the locker room? Fuck it smells like sweat and testosterone in here...fucking love it...I wanna get fucked in here by my bull....”

    He laughed, a deep strong sexy laugh and he groped his cock again, “Hm, you know how to get me to agree to anything you say, little bitch...Wait for me. In my favorite stall. Don’t bother getting undressed. I’m going to tug all that off you with my teeth...make you beg me to fuck you...and I will...” He grinned, a dark smile on his handsome face, “You’ll be sore and you’ll limp all the way back to our dorm...but you’ll love it.”


    ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ (¯`·.¸¸.->  ❤ & Reblog  <-.¸¸.·´¯)٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶

    .,ooOOOoo,.  ♥‿♥      .,ooOOOoo,.


    I was out of breath. I was panting hard and breathing heavy. I had just finished the run they had made me do; run the whole two mile path around the cabin out in the middle of the forest where they had taken me in the dead of night the night before.

    See, I had been walking down the street, checking out my cell phone, minding my own business, when this huge truck pulled up next to me. It was a massive military vehicle, a Hummer. Now, usually I would have been impressed, I always loved this type of car. The thing just screamed bad motherfucker. But, as soon as the car came to a stop next to me, the doors burst open and four big guys came jumping out.

    I mean big guys. They were bigger than me; I could only imagine the shortest of the four was about six foot five while the tallest was a behemoth of a man of about seven feet tall. They were built, strong and thick; the biggest man was built like a giant, broad shoulders, thick biceps that stretched his shirt sleeves to the limit, his chest was broad and thick and jutted out in his shirt which, somehow managed to contain the rippling torso it had been wrapped around.

    All four of them wore masks but I knew who they were. The tattoos up and down their arms gave it away. All of them had tattoos, sleeve tattoos up and down both arms, along their thick necks, and I know the tattoos wrapped around their chests and back and lower back. How did I know this? Because these were four of the biggest baddest motherfuckers on the school’s football team. Even with the masks they wore, I knew who was who.

    The tallest bastard was the easiest to guess, that was Sven. He was the foreign exchange student. He had a thick accident but the most gorgeous set of intense blue eyes I had ever seen on a man. He had full lips and bright blonde hair. He really did have that Nordic perfection going on for him. He was also one of the best Offensive Lineman that the team had. When he charged down the field, no one got in the way of the seven foot tall tank. He could barrel through you and keep going. For that reason he was deemed the Unstoppable Object.

    Then there was Shane. He was the second tallest of the group. He was easy to spot, mostly because of the large sparrow tattoo he had on his right bicep. The thing was iconic Shane. He never explained what the Latin under the bird meant. But, the saying sounded cool and the tattoo was nice. He was a damn good defensive lineman.

    Beside those two, there were the Frenelli twins. These two were identical twins, hot too. Italian swarthy looks with beautiful rich skin tone, dark thick full hair, thick eyebrows, full lips, gorgeous strong jawlines, and big soul piercing brown eyes with flecks of golden yellow dashed in there. Those two were Antoni and Alessandro.

    They snatched me off the sidewalk. Kicking and screaming; that didn’t last long as one of them took a sweaty musky dick stink infused jockstrap and stuffed it in my mouth and then taped my mouth shut. They threw a black bag over my head and then tossed me in the backseat, where I was then squished between the Frenelli twins.

    “Drive, bro, drive!” Shane called up as Sven threw himself behind the wheel of the car and off we went...off to the cabin in the woods.

    I stayed quiet the entire time, the world was black to my eyes and the thick heady musky sweaty scent and flavor of cock filtered into my mouth.  This cabin they took me to actually belonged to Shane’s father. I had been there before; I recognized it as soon as they let me inside and sat me down on the couch and ripped the bag off my head.

    Of course I’m gonna recognize the massive floor to ceiling fireplace of stacked stone in the three story living room of the hilariously expensive mountain cabin. So the idea of them trying to make this whole thing a secret was almost humorous to me.

    Fucking assholes...That was what ran through my mind. I had heard a rumor from one of my friends that there was supposedly a jockstrap making the rounds between some of the football players, being worn by them, they got it good and sweaty and then they’d pass it to another. It was, allegedly, lucky. Whoever wore it, thus far, has managed to help the team win a game. So, maybe it was lucky, maybe it was talent, whatever. I could only imagine that the jockstrap stuffed in my mouth was that jockstrap.

    They told me, in simple terms, that I was being hazed. I had pledged for Alpha Epsilon Pi, or as everyone in the school nicknamed it “APE,” due to the fact that the biggest meatheaded jocks in the school tended to join this frat. It was also where the guy I had the biggest crush on was currently rooming. I had to join. I wanted to hang out with him; his name is Derrick. He wasn’t among the guys that had snatched me off the street.

    “You’re going to be our little bitch for the next week. You’re staying in this cabin. And all you get to wear, is what’s on this table.” The clothes on the table pretty much consisted of a dog collar, which I refused to wear, sneakers, a jockstrap, a backwards baseball cap, socks. That was it. That was all I was supposed to wear out here?

    They had yet to remove the jockstrap from my mouth, so I couldn’t speak.

    “You’re going to do whatever we tell you to, understand, meat? We say get us beer, you get us beer. We say rub our sweaty ripe feet, you get on your feet and you rub our feet. We say give us a back massage, make us a sandwich, do the laundry, you do it. If we say to get on your knees and stick out your tongue and catch our spit. You do that.” Shane grinned, drunk off power.

    “Heh, you’re a freaky bitch, you know that?” Alessandro commented as he looked over at Shane.

    “Hm, well if we’re going that far...then what if I want some head? It’s been fucking weeks since my girl has agreed to go down on me, and even when she did, she did a shit job. I want some good fucking head. I heard fags suck better. How about it?”

    “You wanna get your dick sucked by a faggot?” His twin scoffed, but he looked at me, my eyes looking up at him, defenseless, hands bound at the wrist now behind my back. “You know what...He looks good like that...I wonder what he’d look like with my cock in his throat....yeah; if we say suck, you suck. And you better swallow...Understand?”

    I nodded and they grinned. “Good boy.” Sven pet my head. His massive paw of a hand rubbing my head felt kind of nice. He was the only one who had not called me a fag or a bitch the whole time, even as they had driven to the house they laughed about did you see the faggot’s face when we grabbed him, what a bitch, etc etc.

    Now, here I am. On my knees. Tired. My body was sore. I had spent the previous night cleaning and dusting and doing laundry and cooking them dinner and acting as a footstool for whenever they needed one while they were watching porn and beating off. This morning, however, I was told to run. Laps. Do the whole path and come back. And do so naked.

    My entire body was coated in sweat and glistening in the light of the fluorescent bulbs above me. The A.C. felt great but it also sent shivers racing up and down my spine; as I said, I was sweaty as Hell but also naked. The only clothes I had on were my socks, my sneakers, and a backwards baseball cap atop my head. Nothing else.

    I was told to enter. I was told to kneel.

    “Fuck, he looks good like that.” Alessandro looked me over.

    “Hey, don’t be a fag.” His brother laughed.

    “Fuck you, bro. You were the one that made him run the laps naked; did you wanna see his ass that bad?”

    “Can I go shower now? I’m sweaty as fuck...”

    “Shut the fuck up, bitch.” Alessandro yelled over at me.

    “Hey.” That was a stern voice. A deep voice. Sven walked in. “Don’t be rude.” He walked over as he glared down at Alessandro. The swarthy Italian backed right off.

    “Fine, whatever...” He grumbled.

    Sven walked over and patted my side, “Come, you shower with me.” He smiled, “I want to enjoy you alone today...” He whispered in my ear, his hand running down my back and giving my ass a squeeze. “I’ll go slow for you. Make you want it.” He kissed my cheek then helped me up and led me away from the glaring Italian twins.

    I had a feeling this was going to be a very long week.


    Holy fuck you’re on fire with your stories lately. Especially the extended ones with multiple pics of the characters in it. Keep it up, bro!

    Thanks. I've been just getting a lot of inspiration as I go through these pics and I feel like writing. I am considering some sequels to a few old stories; and I am considering re-writing some old stories cause they got flagged by Tumblr. One of them being of an older black bachelor that gets tag teamed by his two younger stoner neighbors out in the woods behind his house after they catch him having some "me time." Just gotta find some real good pics for that one.


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    .,ooOOOoo,.  ♥‿♥      .,ooOOOoo,.


    We're the frat fags. His name is Daryl, my name is Dane. I'm the bitch on the right.

    "How many cocks you took last night?" I peeked over at him.

    "Twenty. You?" He grinned.

    "Twenty seven." I won this time. Though he won last week.

    "Wonder how many are going to use us today... I wanna beat my record. And yours." He smirked.

    "Good luck."


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    .,ooOOOoo,.  ♥‿♥      .,ooOOOoo,.


    Ok, Little Bro! Send in the first virgin! Heh. Hey. You're Sasha, right? You're cute... Bet you weren't expecting the slut you would give your cherry to was gonna be me... Huh? You don't mind? Oh? You prefer it this way? Aw. You know how to make a guy feel special... Come here and give me a kiss... I kiss whoever I fuck... Oh don't worry. You'll be fucking me... What's that? That a condom? Ok. Well. The lube is over there. The poppers are there. The loaded bong is over there with the lighter. As for that condom, the trash can is over there. It's raw or nothing. Lose that load in me...


    via Chaturbate


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    .,ooOOOoo,.  ♥‿♥      .,ooOOOoo,.


    Come on come on move that sweet ass. Show your frat brothers how bad you wanna be the frat fag. Show us how bad you wanna be in the House. Show us how you plan to ride every sweaty dick in here... Hehe. Just like that... Work that imaginary cock, faggot. Good boy. Hey, Cody. Go find the lube. I think he's tired of imaginary pricks.... I think it's time we move onto the real thing...


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    .,ooOOOoo,.  ♥‿♥      .,ooOOOoo,.


    He pet my head. He turned my cap on backwards so it didn't get in the way.

    "Good boy... On your knees... Eager to suck the nut out of my dick..." He grinned.

    He hugged my face into his abs and side. I inhaled his scent. Sweaty masculine and musky. The scent made me shudder in delight.

    "Show me what you can do, bruh... Impress me... And you can join Alpha Tao Omega..."


    ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ (¯`·.¸¸.->  ❤ & Reblog  <-.¸¸.·´¯)٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶

    .,ooOOOoo,.  ♥‿♥      .,ooOOOoo,.


    He had me dead to rights. I had been hungrily eye fucking him for the last thirty minutes. When I wasn't shooting him little sniper glances, I was making sure to show off as much as I could. My fat ass was exposed, barely covered by booty shorts two sizes too small and underneath them a jockstrap a size too small so the straps really dug into the flesh and fat of my thicc jock ass. My thighs good and thick, pumping as I ran laps, my ass bouncing and cheeks clapping.

    I'm sure more than he was staring at my ass. I'm sure many of the men in the gym couldn't help but salivate. They know who I am. All of them do; the shameless faggot son of the gym owner. I'm the queer that sucks any sweaty cock presented to me.

    And they all wanted a piece. Their wives or girlfriends (or boyfriends) weren't putting out enough. So they come (and cum) to me.

    Then there's him. Zane. Newest member. I wanted him. He radiated alpha. My instincts demanded I kneel and serve.

    My flirting paid off big time... He pulled me aside in the locker room.

    "On your knees, faggot. Hurry up. I know you want this. You're so starved for it that you look the type to blow me in front of your grandparents. Let's go. I don't have much time. Suck this sweaty dick and prepare to swallow... I got a months worth to feed you."