This Is War
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2023-01-18 19:35:58

    E de repente meu mundo ficou azul. Tudo que enxergo são seus olhos. Seu gestos, seus toques, suas conversas Essa sua mania de reparar em tudo de mim De fixar seu olhar no meu Seu abraço. O melhor lugar para estar. Tua voz única Teu corpo O qual parece que foi feito para se encaixar com o meu Teu cheiro Que ainda está impregnado em mim Tuas pintas, sardas, linhas e barba Que te completam e junto com o resto forma essa obra de arte que eu chamo de você Exagerada? Provavelmente Teu peito Que insiste em ser o melhor travesseiro Tu Que insiste em não sair do meu pensamento.

    Shades of purple with hues of red, line your neck, where my lips collide with your skin. A catastrophic explosion, pulsing with energy leaves my mouth. I fall into your gravity. The intensity of the gravitational collapse emitted from the rush of passion between us is cosmic. This lustful supernova triggers the emergence of exquisite artwork that now stains your neck. The space above your collarbones now radiates an illustration of a nebula.

    love bites and galaxies within us // m.b. (via cosmic-opia)

    i remember i used to spend my time writing about you. i used to lose sleep crying over you. finally okay. i’m happy that i suffered.. in both life and relationships because i’ve learned, i grew, and i’ve evolved into the version of myself most necessary for survival. i’m a work in progress and i’m still working on a happier, wiser, more loving and accepting ME-daily. i’m still under construction. whichever mistakes i made today- i pray i learn and grow from, but i’ll never give up. i’ll always choose love. and i know some days i stumble, but i try my best. for a long time after you left, my dreams beat my reality. i used to think about life and shit like everything we could be and everything that should be and all the dead-end promises you gave that fooled me. i used to pray that you’d find yourself and someone who could love the baggage you carry on your back and i prayed that i’d find some clarity and the strength to move forward, without you. i depended on your love for so long that i didn’t realize you became a part of me. it was hard to see that God placed you in my life for a good reasoning. i’m thankful to you for noticing me. i’m thankful for our love and all the shit you taught me. i’m thankful for our ending, i was broken-indescribably. i’ve faulted myself for loving too hard, for too long. today i applaud myself. in a generation where falling in love is conditional and frowned upon, i’ve spilled my soul. i’ve let you see my naked, and sometimes ugly, truth. this morning i finally saw my silver lining- crazy how it used to be you.

    “ex lover” -Reyna Biddy (via oceanskiees)