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2023-05-30 00:53:12

    my grandmom just fell while we were out shopping and the team trying to help her back up was: me (weak, frail, bad back), my mom (old, falling apart at the seems, having a panic attack) some nice random lady that ran over to help (knew what to do, potentially a nurse, but she just had back surgery so she couldn't do any heavy lifting), the cashier (friendly, trying to minimize the situation, got in trouble for not calling security for help), and some random older lady who we had been chatting with earlier (came out of the dressing room and exclaimed 'I left you for five minutes!). not a single one of us had any upper body strength. my mom and the other ladies kept lamenting "WHERE are all the men when we need them" until the cashier outed herself just to get them to shut up. my grandmom wouldn't stop laughing because she "hates being the center of attention" (objectively false). a manager showed up and called for medical help and they simply never came. we finally all pulled together with the power of feminism and got her up and her first words were "do NOT tell Megan about this" (her daughter who is a physical therapist and drives her insane) (I hacked the game by telling Megan's son about it). we had to go back to paying for our stuff afterwards and grandmom was already trying to zoom away without assistance while we all yelled at her. on the bright side, everyone complimented the kimono I was buying and agreed I have incredible fashion sense.