protect asian lives. say it with me.

    “protect asian lives

    asians worldwide are being beaten and killed. and it keeps going unnoticed. if you are being silent, fuck you.

    the amount of hate crimes against asians have risen 1900%. it’s not our fucking fault we are in this pandemic. asians arent a virus or a disease. leave us the fuck alone.

    now say it again.



    This is not gonna be pretty

    It doesn’t matter if you follow me long enough or for a five minutes, if you ever downloaded something from me you must know my TOU. I don’t ask much, you may do whatever you want with my stuff, exept put it under paywall. I don’t really have much time for simming lately, I have a one year old, and only time I can create is when my son is asleep, so basically I sleep less to provide cc for our game. I don’t blame you, it is my choice, as I love this game too and I want this comunity to stay alive and keep going so bad I’m willingly take every spare second I can to do anything I can to make it happen. I never had a cent for it. I’d never ask you a cent for it even if I literally have nothing to eat. I had those times too, I had no job, my husband only started a new job, so he had to wait for his first salary, and we had no more then two kilos of potatoes and a pack of macaroni at home. I was active creator by that time. I never even came to a thought to ask for money here, for me it’s inappropriate. And what I see now is disgusting. My girl is on a cover of a video that has almost 28k views and almost a 1k likes, here it is and all the download links have tons of kind of paywall crap. Check yourself if you don’t believe me. I spend my free time to create cc and ask for one little thing, really - not to make money on my stuff, and here we are. I’m not only offended for me, but for all creators whose work is there. This is disgusting and unfair to free cc creators. And this video dates back to 2018, so don’t tell me author of this hasn’t earned much since. If he earned even a cent he is a thief. Think before downloading stuff like that. Respect is a thing you can’t sell or buy, and least you can do is respect people who provide content you use. 


    Okay, tag yourself if you see your content here. @whysim @peppermint-ginger​ @digitalangels​ @aklira​ @titlesimslemon​ this person is selling our content for us with no credit at all. Not much we can do about that, truth be told, but just a heads up. 
    If I have followers from ts1, ts3 and ts4 community - check it out too, she has such packs for all game parts. 


    Yo what the fuck? Literally the only thing I’ve asked is to not have my content reuploaded and/or put behind adfly link or similar. Guess it’s time to see how to file a DMCA…. *cracks knuckles*


    Lmaoo she even took all mine african scarfs lol she got no chill! Those scarfs were free and she mixed it with other African clothing and din’t even bother to say my name nor other ethnic cc creator so, I reported her video so, let see what YouTube gotta say but this girl is so dumb and so malicious lol, I’m more mad that she took them while those are free


    Update : YouTube took her video down ( the video with my cc) and she took down my cc from her blog, it up to you guys to approach her and explaining her without being too violent and without cussing her out :)