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    How to: Aftercare your Sub

    Ideas and Tips

    These tips may vary depending on what your sub likes/enjoys or doesnt like/enjoy.

    Try taking these into consideration before anything else:

    • Always ask how they feel, does anything hurt?
    • Make sure they know they are safe and you care about them
    • Simply ask if they need anything, Reassurance? A glass of water? Cuddles?
    • Respect if your sub needs some space, doesn’t feel like talking, or just wants to sleep

    After Care Ideas

    • Holding/ Cuddling your sub

    • Praising them: ex. ‘You were such a good girl’, ‘You did so well’

    • Treating any wounds: ex. from spanking, rope burn, etc.

    • Putting a cold/warm wet compress on any welts, cuts, or bruises

    • Kissing any welts, cuts or bruises

    • Running them a warm bubble bath

    • Wrapping them into a warm fluffy blanket

    • Massaging them

    (w essential oils, sensitive skin lotions)

    • Watching their favorite movies, shows

    • Listening to their favorite music*

    *preferably soft, calm music

    • Giving them a treat they enjoy

    • Carrying them where ever they might need to go

    The Importance of Aftercare

    Aftercare is not only very important but essential, for both vanilla and kinky sex.

    Sub drop is how a sub might feel depression/anxiety or even considering their self worth after sex, especially BDSM/Hardcore Sex.

    It is very important to be there for your sub as well as reassure them that they are safe, and you care for them.

    This is also when you tend to any wounds that may have occurred during sex, like welts, bruises, cuts or rope burns.

    DO NOT:

  • Immediately leave your sub alone or unattended to for an extended amount of time after sex! especially after hardcore/rough/bdsm sex scenes.
  • Leave any wounds received by the sub unattended to
  • Try to jump into some unrelated activities THAT CAN WAIT, without proper after care; ex. asking them to do chores, get ready to go grocery shopping.
  • Failure to comply with essential aftercare risks the trust you and your sub share and your subs mental security after sex,

    especially after Hardcore/BDSM/Rough Scenes; ex. Rape Play, Bondage, Spanking, Anal Play and many more.


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