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    Hmm, not sure how to start this conversation.

    I do feel that men have it drilled into their heads that they must love sex. Otherwise, they're wrong, they're fags, they're not real men.

    This means many of them might be socially pressured into having sex when they don't want to because, against popular belief, men aren't always horny.

    And this culture of ''men-must-always-want-sex'' is pervasive in both hetero and queer spaces.

    If you're a straight guy every other straight person in your family will develop a breeding kink and harass you so they can have more relatives.

    Queer dating culture for men is heavily sex-based. Dating apps run the circus and it mostly relies on hook-ups, which are fine if you like them but make it difficult to enter the dating scene unless you're interested in putting yourself out there like that.

    And I think we need to address it.

    First and foremost for asexual men. I remember when one of my high school friends confessed to her crush, he told her he was asexual and she got mad and was convinced he'd only said it to avoid dating her. ''If he really didn't like me, he could have told me straight, not using an excuse!"

    An excuse. Because clearly there's no other reason a man might not want sex.

    But also for every other man who might not want to have sex for whatever reason and at whatever moment.

    And it's not just about not wanting sex, it's about not wanting to make sexual comments, not wanting to discuss sexual encounters, and much more.

    Men, you don't have to have sex with anyone you don't want to.

    Men, you're loved and respected even if you don't have sex with someone who likes you.

    Men, you're more than what other people say about your sexual life. You're not a lesser man if you don't have sex often.


    me at any given time: can we just buckle down and focus on the task at hand please???

    my brain:

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    this post almost moved me to tears


    Tag yourself, I’m spinch or rainbow sprimkle


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    Brogle and rainbow sprimkle


    This is so charming I feel punched in the solar plexus and I’m here for this sort of gentle, sweet violence.


    some additions from my own collection


    YO WHAT!!!!

    What an autistic person says: "How long is it going to take?"

    What they mean: "I want to know whether to activate my short term waiting mode where I just wait and do nothing else, or activate my long term waiting mode where I occupy my mind with something else. I fully understand that both are possibilities, and I have no problem whatsoever with either one, but I want more information so I can best adapt to the situation."

    What neurotypical people hear: "I am impatient and demand that everything I want happen right now. Please scold me and publicly humiliate me for it."


    tumblr users love to say "we don't censor things here like on Twitter" and then type things like "r3ylo" and "jk r*wling"


    if you say "and then this fucking r3ylo-" that implies that "reylo" was the bad word in that sentence

    tiktokers do it because they have to, we do it because it's mean ☺️


    Okay I know this was mostly a joke but I just feel the need to point out - this didn't start out as being mean, it started - and largely continues - as the opposite.

    For a long time, tumblr had tags and no other search function. You wanted to find a post that wasn't tagged, you had to go to Google and type in your query and add "site:tumblr.com" and hope for the best.

    As it is now, that method is STILL better than our native search function most of the time, but the quality of tumblr's native search function isn't really what's important here, what's relevant is how they implemented it.

    See, the search bar in the upper left corner of the site - you used to type in something there, and it would take you to posts tagged with whatever you searched. Then, one day, they quietly rolled out an update that instead brought you to a search page that pulled up nearly every post that even mentioned your search term.

    This...did not mesh well with the site culture.

    Because, see, we had an etiquette guideline - do not post your negativity in the public tags. Why? Because people go into the public tags to find content about things they LIKE. Posting hate in a public tag was basically seen as being a raging dramamongering pissbaby troll LOOKING to start a fight over petty nonsense.

    So imagine, suddenly, you log in one day, and someone's sending you anons angry about you allegedly posting hate in the tags, when you have NEVER done so. You use what you THINK is the tag search function to prove it, and - what the hell? Your UNTAGGED post about how annoyed you are with your notp...is appearing there???

    So people started censoring things like that. Usually not because we all think the thing we're complaining about is profane (though sometimes it does get a giggle to think of it as such), but to keep it from showing up when people are searching for what they love and to prevent pointless drama. To avoid looking like some asshole troll going onto a fan forum specifically for The Blorbo Show and making a thread entitled "THE BLORBO SHOW SUXXX AND YOU ALL SUCK FOR LIKING IT!!"

    And now it's just part of our site culture, for both peacekeeping reasons and petty glee.

    The more you know.


    On tiktok, you censor for the algorithm. On Tumblr, you censor for the users.